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Patch Notes (v2.4): Permanent Player Portals, Corrupt Chorus Fruit

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Summer is definitely upon us now, and things are heating up on CosmicSky as well! The competition is spicing up and you're all smashing it with your progression! Yet again, it's been another busy week in ComicSky HQ, so without further ado...

New Pets: XP Bunny, Gem Hunter, Unbreaking Golem
New Enchants: Anti Gank, Guardians
Permanent Player Portals
Chorus Fruit Changes
Bugs and QoL
Bucket Stacking Bug
35% OFF Sale

New Pets
Just when you thought that the pets couldn't get any better, this week is going to BLOW. YOUR. MINDS!...

Patch Notes (v2.3): Warrior /skit, Chaos Cow & Blacksmith Brandon

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Once again we hit a new all-time high with the player count over the last week with over 5500 players online at once! The continued hype continues to astound us all. Another week, another update - so let's get into it!

Warrior /skit
New Enchants
New Pets: Chaos Cow, Blacksmith Brandon
New Custom Recipes: Glistering Melon, Undead Mushroom, Roast Beef
Armor Balancing
Collection Chest Buff
Lootbox: Level Up
Advertising Chat
Bugs and QoL
35% OFF Sale

Warrior /skit
The Warrior /skit is something a lot of you have been asking for and...

Patch Notes (v2.2): Stackable Spawners, Auto Mob Grinders

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Well, I know last week we hit 4000 concurrent players, and then shortly after you all completely smashed that and we had over 5000+ players online at once! We are unbelievably astounded, and it just inspires us more to keep pushing out great content for you! So with another juicy week ahead, let's get into it!

New Pets: Miner Matt and Slayer Sam
New Custom Recipes
Stackable Spawners
Lootbox: Monopoly
Auto Mob Grinder Balancing
Bugs and QoL
40% OFF Sale

New Pets
We've seen how cute the inventory pets are, and how much...

Patch Notes (v2.1): Lucky Block Kits, Custom Recipes

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Wow, what can we say? The start of Map #2 has been awesome and exceeded our expectations. As I'm writing this our highest peak has been 4000+ concurrent players on ONE SKYBLOCK SERVER. Did I hear you all say SUPER SERVER? Someone call the Guinness World Records because I think we're a candidate! The updates don't stop there though as we've got another jam-packed week for you all!

Lucky Blocks!
Explorer /skit
New Enchants
Custom Recipes
Battle Pig Pet
Battle Royale Tweaks

Patch Notes (v2.0.1) Farmer Bob

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's Memorial Day weekend. A time to spend together and to remember and honour the fallen. To celebrate we've got a surprise post today! Settle in for a treat, it's gonna be good.

Lootbox: Special Edition (4 ITEMS!)
New Pet: Farmer Bob
Farming/QoL Tweaks
Lootbox: Special Edition (4 ITEMS!)
For the Memorial Day only, this Lootbox is full of some absolutely awesome goodies.

*** For a Memorial Day weekend special we're giving everyone who purchases a 3x Lootbox Special Edition pack a FREE FARMER BOB! Check out the server store to purchase it while you can!

When you open this you'll be given 4 random...

Lootbox: New Age, Gift Card Special! and 40% OFF Sale

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Well, it's here, it's official - we're into Map #2! The previous announcement post was a touch in-depth, so I'll keep this one brief!

Gift Cards Special
40% OFF Sale
Admin Assist Appeals

Lootbox: New Age
A new season of CosmicSky wouldn't be complete without a new Lootbox! This is only about for the Memorial Day weekend though, so make sure you grab it while you can!

When you open this you'll be given 3 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the Jackpot Items. You'll also receive the 2 bonus items guaranteed.


Patch Notes (v2.0) CosmicSky: New Age

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CosmicSky Map #2: New Age

Map 2 SOTW: May 24th 2019 3pm CDT / 9pm BST / 6am AEST
(if your timezone isn't shown, please use the times above to convert to your timezone here)​

Greetings Cosmonauts!

As promised, I've got a juicy post detailing all the specific areas of Map #2, which I know you're all desperate to sink your teeth into! This is going to be a nice and long one, so make sure you've got some snacks to keep you going! The original announcement post for the reset can be found here!

NEW /is list
Island Rating
Player Portals

Thank you, Map #1!

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CosmicSky Map #2: New Age
SOTW: Friday 24th May 2019
3pm CDT / 9pm BST / 6am AEST

For a timezone local to you, please check here!

Greetings Cosmonauts!

WHAT AN ENDING!! We warned you that we'd be going out with a bang, and oh boy, did we! From lava, to PvP, to DESTROYING the spawn - we did what we needed to do and made sure we crashed it right!

Thank you ALL for the most momentous first map there could be!

It seems like such a long time ago that the server officially opened up to the public, but I can still remember the first day clear as anything! There have been some really momentous occasions along the way and it...

CosmicSky: Reset Announcement

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CosmicSky: Map #2 "New Age"

Map #1 EOTW: May 20th 2019 6pm CDT / 12am BST / 9am AEST (Tuesday)

Map #2 SOTW: May 24th 2019 3pm CDT / 9pm BST / 6am AEST (Saturday)

(if your timezone isn't shown, please use the times above to convert to your timezone here)

Greetings Cosmonauts!

The time has come - Map #2 is *just* around the corner, and oh my goodness you will NOT believe what we have in-store for you all. We've had a great first season of CosmicSky, but all good things must come to an end - it's been emotional! In this post we're going to be detailing the basics!

Reset Details

Cosmic Sky Admin Assist Appeals & New Jr. Admin

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Greetings Cosmonauts!
Well, the next few weeks of CosmicSky are going to be busy ones - this is going to be monumental! Exciting times are ahead, which is why you're all being spoiled with a second announcement post this week.

Admin Assist Appeals
New Jr. Admin!

Admin Assist Appeals
Due to requests from the community, Admin Assist Appeals are being opened to allow those that are permanently banned and/or IP banned have a chance to talk with Admins to appeal their bans. These appeals are managed through Teamspeak during set times in the Admin Assist Appeals Channel. This post will explain how these appeals will work in more detail.

Appeal schedule
How to appeal
What will be appealed
What happens when you do...