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Thanks to all our Beta Testers

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Beta has officially come to an end and I just wanted to take time to give a huge shoutout to all of the Beta Testers and the Staff who made it possible. Beta was a huge success and we appreciate all the hard work and feedback you guys gave!

We've put a recap video together showing off just some of our favorite features and islands!

Special thanks to @Majorblake for his work on the video!

Shoutout to the developers, especially @iFamasssxD for putting in so many hours! I cannot wait to see everyone at the full release on Friday at 2 PM CST.

CosmicSky Public Release

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Greetings Cosmonauts,

CosmicSky's Closed Beta is almost done, and today we are announcing the dates for both the end of beta AND the full, public release of CosmicSky!

Closed Beta End Time
February 8th, 2019 at 9pm CST

CosmicSky Map #1 Start Time
February 15th, 2019 at 2pm CST

Server IP

All Closed Beta playerdata will be DELETED when the beta ends on February 8th. CosmicSky Map #1 is a FULL, PUBLIC release -- that means anyone can login and play!

The closed beta has been a fantastic...

100x Beta Pass Giveaway Results!

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Greetings Cosmonauts,

Recently we announced our 100x Beta Pass Giveaway on Twitter! Now we're here for the juicy results to find out who will be getting the chance the join the rest of the Beta players! Please take into consideration that we will be using the IGN's associated with your forums account to whitelist you in game, so if yours is incorrect then please change it ASAP.

Note: The winners will be whitelisted at 12:00 pm CST Tomorrow!

1. @HerThunderbuddy
2. @totallynotraady
3. @Qilla
4. @Summarised
5. @Evil_Ocelot
6. @MrKittyKit
7. @ShinyMinotaurs
8. @_R4
10. @Yadi
11. @Myteemkke
12. @5hadowLighT

Preston's First Look and Beta Pass Giveaway!

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Greetings Cosmonauts!
Things are heating up! We know that many of you are crossing fingers, sacrificing unicorns to RNG gods and more in the hopes of getting in on Beta, well @TBNRfrags has posted something just for you! Not just a first look into the start of CosmicSky, but a chance at what you just may be hoping for!

Check out Preston's video here:

And make sure to enter the Beta Giveaway here:

CosmicSky Community Update #005

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Greetings Cosmonauts,

CosmicSky's Closed Beta is almost upon us, and we have the final pre-beta community update to share with you all! First of all, a reminder of when Closed Beta is launching tomorrow:

Closed Beta Launch Date/Time:
January 18th, 2019 at 2pm CST

Closed Beta Testers, keep your eyes open for a sticky post being made in the new hidden "Closed Beta Tester" forum section later today/early tomorrow with final instructions.

Next, we will be holding some last-minute giveaways here on the forums and on our official @CosmicSkyblock twitter account. So if you haven't managed to win access yet, or perhaps you have some friends that want to join your island tomorrow, be sure to keep your eyes open!


CosmicSky Closed Beta Announcement

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Welcome back everyone! The Holidays may be coming to an end but the CosmicSky HYPE is just starting to ramp up! Today we have a very exciting announcement, the official Closed Beta release date/time!

Closed Beta Launch Date/Time:
January 18th, 2019 at 2pm CST
Currently, we are planning to run the Closed Beta for a period of 2-4 weeks before we transition to the full CosmicSky release. A couple notes about Closed Beta:
  • Player data WILL BE WIPED at the end of the Closed Beta, this is not early access!
  • Closed Beta testers will receive a special account-bound in-game designation as a Closed Beta tester on launch.
  • There will be numerous bugs, balancing issues, and semi-frequent...

CosmicSky Community Update #004

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Greetings Cosmonauts,

It's been a while since our last community update! We've been busy busy BUSY finalizing gameplay mechanics and preparing for our highly anticipated Closed Beta phase! Some of you may have noticed some innocuous tweets from @Woofless yesterday as the Closed Alpha is fully underway!

We are also happy to announce that CosmicSky is planning to support the following client versions:
  • 1.7 - 1.13.X
That's right! You will be able to play CosmicSky on the official Cosmic Client! HOWEVER, it is highly recommended that you play on version 1.12 or above in order to get the full experience. Players on lower versions will not be able to interact with or use new blocks, items, weapons, shields, etc! We have ensured that combat is the same irregardless of what client version you are playing on -- it will all feel like the 1.8 combat you know and love!

Today we...

CosmicSky Referral Contest Winners

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

The referral beta access contest has come to an end! We have purged all fake/invalid referrals (people signing up multiple accounts themselves or for their friends). Here are the winners along with the number of accounts they referred to CosmicSky!

Didn't quite make the cut? No need to worry! We have another giveaway of 10 Closed Beta Access keys on our official twitter @CosmicSky as soon as it hits 1,000 followers!

Uni: 51 referrals
MilnerMC: 51 referrals
Edon: 44 referrals
Augusto2004: 32 referrals
IMined: 27 referrals
Rack: 26 referrals
Mekz: 25 referrals
RO__K: 24 referrals
Legendary: 24 referrals
imBuzz: 22 referrals
bananal0rde: 21 referrals
FrostedN: 21 referrals
NightWolf: 20 referrals
DeweyBoys: 20...

CosmicSky Community Update #003

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Greetings Cosmonauts,

What a crazy week it's been! We ran our first official Closed Beta Access giveaway on our twitter on Tuesday, and have another one starting today! Be sure to follow our twitter with notifications ON to maximize your chance of being selected for the upcoming Closed Beta!

We've added some user titles to the forums to differentiate users based on their post counts:
Trainee - 0 posts
Private - 25 posts
Member - 100 posts
Ambassador - 250 posts
General - 500 posts
Cosmonaut - 1000 posts
** These are cosmetic user titles and do not represent any in-game status.

Our Referral Closed Beta Access Contest has been heating up! It is a...

CosmicSky Community Update #002

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Greetings Cosmonauts,

We have another exciting gameplay LEAK for you today! The response to our new Referral Beta Access Contest has been absolutely incredible, we're seeing 100s of new sign-ups every couple of hours here on our community forums. Everyone is getting more and more excited and hyped about the release of this groundbreaking new take on the classic Skyblock gamemode and we can't wait to see you all in-game!

Without further delay, here is today's leak:


Resource Nodes, Scraps & Cosmetic Items?! How do you get Resource Nodes? What do you do with scraps? Why are some blocks marked as "Cosmetic" and therfore not usable in crafting?! Discuss your theories!

Thanks everyone, remember to
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