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CosmicSky Referral Contest Winners

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

The referral beta access contest has come to an end! We have purged all fake/invalid referrals (people signing up multiple accounts themselves or for their friends). Here are the winners along with the number of accounts they referred to CosmicSky!

Didn't quite make the cut? No need to worry! We have another giveaway of 10 Closed Beta Access keys on our official twitter @CosmicSky as soon as it hits 1,000 followers!

Uni: 51 referrals
MilnerMC: 51 referrals
Edon: 44 referrals
Augusto2004: 32 referrals
IMined: 27 referrals
Rack: 26 referrals
Mekz: 25 referrals
RO__K: 24 referrals
Legendary: 24 referrals
imBuzz: 22 referrals
bananal0rde: 21 referrals
FrostedN: 21 referrals
NightWolf: 20 referrals
DeweyBoys: 20...

CosmicSky Community Update #003

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Greetings Cosmonauts,

What a crazy week it's been! We ran our first official Closed Beta Access giveaway on our twitter on Tuesday, and have another one starting today! Be sure to follow our twitter with notifications ON to maximize your chance of being selected for the upcoming Closed Beta!

We've added some user titles to the forums to differentiate users based on their post counts:
Trainee - 0 posts
Private - 25 posts
Member - 100 posts
Ambassador - 250 posts
General - 500 posts
Cosmonaut - 1000 posts
** These are cosmetic user titles and do not represent any in-game status.

Our Referral Closed Beta Access Contest has been heating up! It is a...

CosmicSky Community Update #002

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Greetings Cosmonauts,

We have another exciting gameplay LEAK for you today! The response to our new Referral Beta Access Contest has been absolutely incredible, we're seeing 100s of new sign-ups every couple of hours here on our community forums. Everyone is getting more and more excited and hyped about the release of this groundbreaking new take on the classic Skyblock gamemode and we can't wait to see you all in-game!

Without further delay, here is today's leak:


Resource Nodes, Scraps & Cosmetic Items?! How do you get Resource Nodes? What do you do with scraps? Why are some blocks marked as "Cosmetic" and therfore not usable in crafting?! Discuss your theories!

Thanks everyone, remember to
follow us on...

CosmicSky Referral Beta Access Contest

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We want to continue growing the community around this exciting upcoming project, and at the same time start rewarding our most contributing community members. So, today we've added a new feature here on our community forums, referral links!

To make things more fun, this will be the first method we use for Closed Beta Applicant Selection! The forum accounts with the top 100 # of sign-up referrals are guaranteed a spot in our first Closed Beta, scheduled to take place in the next few weeks! Participants in our Closed Beta can also expect to receive some exclusive in-game cosmetic items to signify their "OG-ness" to the project.

You can view the current referral leaderboard here!


Every forum user has a unique...

CosmicSky Community Update #001

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Greetings Cosmonauts,

It's time for a community update, and our first gameplay LEAK!

We've been extremely impressed with the Cosmic community's response to the announcement of the upcoming CosmicSky network. We love seeing all the activity here on the official forums and over on our @CosmicSkyBlock twitter account.

The team is busy at work constructing and deploying the necessary hardware and software elements to launch the CosmicSky Closed Beta. Although the release date is still not something we are prepared to publicly disclose, we do have your first in-game gameplay leak -- check it out!


Island Alignments?! What could this mean? What kind of perks will be revealed? What implications does your choice have? Discuss!

We would also like to confirm at this time that our Closed Beta will be...

Introducing: CosmicSky

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Welcome to the official CosmicSky community forums. This is an upcoming 1.12.2 Minecraft Java Edition Skyblock network designed by the founders of CosmicPvP and CosmicPrisons.

As always, we have some exciting twists and improvements to display on the currently known "Skyblock" minecraft gamemode. One such example is that we will be utilizing Super Server technology to allow us to host all players (1000+) in 1 single game world!

This is a very ambitious project that we've been working on for quite a while now. We do not have a set release date at this time, however we will be hosting a "Closed Beta" of the project in the coming weeks. In order to be eligible for this early access testing, register an account on our forums and follow us on...