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  • Hi i have a problem i can't login into the server it told me failed to login Invalid session or Invalid token

    Can you help me please
    One of two things:

    I) Restart your Minecraft (if it doesn't work, then your pc)
    ii) Someone else is using your Minecraft account.

    These are the only two reasons ik about why this happens.
    So I've been playing on cosmic sky for about 2 weeks and since then I've been having troubles with my textures and lighting textures, such as my chest aren't connecting, my lighting textures such as my torches and glow stone isn't working causing my crops not being able to be planted and other things not connecting such as red stone and my fences. This only happens on cosmic sky,
    Make sure you're on 1.12.2 however the light doesn't effect your crops therefore that shouldn't be a problem
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