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    GG Cosmonaut gang

    im a cosmonaut
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    Keep disconnecting within Minutes.

    Usually happens to me at spawn or when im not on the cosmic client, if you are doing any of those that could be why
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    Adventure Chaos-Only Zones

    yay no idea what this is but people seem happy
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    Beta Bois

    Beta lol
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    One shotting Skeletons question

    I like to snort to
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    meme (I swear its worth your time to click this)

    They all suck lol
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    Scanepals on Top

    Greatest to do it
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    Scanepals on Top

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    Unable to send messages in chat

    Probably have your chat turned off in your minecraft settings
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    Running after people on battleroyale

    Yes, make the game go faster
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    Purchasing Emotes? Let's talk

    does the emotes give anyone an advantage over anyone else?
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    Red Team is gonna Win change my mind

    im on blue team to auto win tbh