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  • Hello. I’m sending this because i saw that a guy wanted to help people on there island. So I invited and made him a member of my island. He stole 2 furnaces, 2 hoppers, and 4 red stone repeaters. Please help...
    Kirsty Can You Help My Friend, He Did /spawn and it banned him for Blacklisted Client/mod or hacking And He Wasnt Doing Anything Wrong And He Wasnt Even On A Client And I Was Talking To Him Name: FaZe_HyperYT
    I need help when I click /is create I pick my island and then I have been waiting for like 3 hours and when i type /is home it says i have to create an island so i been doing this in a loop for like 3 hours and i cant figure it out
    So I've been playing on cosmic sky for about 2 weeks and since then I've been having troubles with my textures and lighting textures, such as my chest aren't connecting, my lighting textures such as my torches and glow stone isn't working causing my crops not being able to be planted and other things not connecting such as red stone and my fences. This only happens on cosmic sky,
    Hi, have a problem with a kit i got, it came up with /confirm and i don't know what happened to guessing i deleted it..need help asap thank you
    If you have a problem and need help open teamspeak and ask an admin for help. The teamspeak for cosmic sky is
    Hi, have a problem with a kit i got, it came up with /confirm and i don't know what happened to guessing i deleted it..need help asap thank you
    I want to play, it looks amazing but i cant. whenever i write the ip they reply by invalid token, could u plz help
    Hi so I have made the same chicken auto killing device as Rob/Woofless but yesterday i made like 150k per hour with like 15 spawners and now add like 25 and make less. To be more Precise the chickens are not dropping chicken breasts and feathers as often is this a server nerf or is my stuff glitched ? Or is it that by adding more spawners it messes the drops up ?
    Ign DivanE99
    if you have followed the forums you would understand whats going on, and why you make less money
    Can u help me with my ticket. Plz
    Patience! They will get around to reviewing your ticket.

    In my experience they have been super fast with these types of things.
    i can't join my sky block island! plz help
    if you need help make a support ticket on the forums! If you still need help shoot me a forums message and i can help!
    Hi Iron_Legond_337, have you created you island yet? If not try /is create - however if you have created one, please try /is home. Make sure you're running Minecraft 1.12.2! If you still have any issues, just ask on the support ticket page.
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