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  • hello there LDRAM my cosmic I was playing it yesterday and the day before and i came to it today and it kicked me out and it says i have to sign in but i didnt sign in first time when i played it and i set on up on client and tried useing that one and it just says error or something else an i was enjoying myself on your game and it gose and boots me off could you help please
    I started playing last month i bought a lootbox and countless hours on this game just to get banned with no evidence i did not use no auto clicker and only changed my mouse left click to the letter m because the left click stop working i have 7+ island members and got my appeal got denied if this happen to a YouTuber they 100% would be unban straight away
    bro i got banned by shiva for no reason can you look why i think the system is buging or i acouly did something wrong but i have no idea what i have never hacked
    Appeal on teamspeak --> Appeal on Forums --> Appeal on Teamspeak

    like wtf.

    I don't care what the logs "state", I legit was not using any client, why would I use a client to farm cows lmfao.
    Same here but mine was with spiders
    same except i was farming my cows but accidentally turned my macro on i use for a different game, got banned instantly and for a whole year and got my appeal denied "because it violated at least one or more rules" first off it was on accident and second off i dont even use it for minecraft. i dont get the admins reasoning behind banning me. like sure i used a macro but it was on accident and it wasnt for this game.
    im genuinely confused with what im supposed to do. i appealed my ban on here and it said to appeal it again on teamspeak, but then i get kicked on teamspeak telling me to appeal my ban here. i really want a second chance, and im not sure what to do. please respond
    Don’t know what u should do rly but ur best bet is ts, also they can only decrease ur ban time to 30 days they don’t unban
    I like the business your running taking money from the people that actually like playing on your server by banning them for no reason
    Smh silly hacker
    And he didn’t even deny you he said that you can’t appeal here
    i already had to deal with getting banned on prisons yes i did something wrong on there but i was honest im still honest and yet i have to deal with this bullshit once i spend 2 weeks straight grinding to buy rank V from ah and i get banned 5 days latter
    this is bull **** getting banned for hitting spiders this is how cosmic makes their money they ban people incorrectly to make them pay to get unbanned
    can you find out why i got banned plz. I love playing on the server with my friends and i really what to get back into playing
    PS i will not buy an unban for not knowing why i got banned and if its something i didn't do can i get an unban and if something weird happens again you can ban it and will make a new account that is save
    why was my appeal denied when i was honest for what i did and everyone else who was honest got accepted for that reason
    Clearly, don't state something if you don't mean it? it seems pretty simple you got caught hacking and have to accept the consequences you made the choice to hack so you need to accept the choice the admins made. The admins would perm ban you if they didn't see fix just because everyone else got treated differently doesn't mean you should get treated the same...Life ain't fair
    you right djfox and im now realizing that i should have thought first before i think of something that will help me and i had no clue it was blacklisted because i should've read the rules first and now ill pay by sitting trying to find something to do because i cant join prisons because it says database error so now i am extremely bored
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