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    2 Weeks Wothout A Post

    I agree 100%, I understand if they run into issues or there is just not much to show, but an update once a week would be nice it wouldn't need to be much just a "hey this is what we are working on" or "here's an updated release date". they got everyone hyped for this then they have just let it...
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    Tryhard Squad

    hey, I'm putting a team together, I have one other person atm, if you would like to join us message me letting me know what your experience on cosmic/ other skyblock servers is, this has no effect on joining, it's just so I know what you can already do. PS. I stream on youtube so you would also...
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    Shields and 1.8 pvp?

    you bring up a good point, while I don't think players using 1.8 should be able to negate shields I have no idea how that will work. one option could be to separate the two with players that can use shields only fighting other players that can use shields and the same for those that can't (but...
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    Fourums account delted? Lost beta.

    while I can't help you out myself, I would suggest messaging one of the staff (probably a mod first) you should have better luck that way.
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    welcome from the future

    this is a message from me in 2019 to the rest of you still in 2018, nothing has really changed, that I can tell you about anyway...
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    What are you using for CosmicSky?

    I will probably use vanilla for a week or so to see what its like and then move over to the CC
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    Island Team Recruiting

    so I'm going to change up how I will add people to the island, if you would like to join, join the discord linked below and introduce yourself in the introduction channel if you get on the island I will give you a role, if you don't get on the island feel free to stay in the discord as I may add...
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    Immortal recruitment

    LonleyBlane#7926 Lonleyblane I'm looking for a serious group of people to help me make a great youtube stream series and have a lot of fun with, my current plan will be to stream 2 hours a day with another possible 3 hours per day when needed.
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    Join Or Die

    time: 5+ hours per day every day, 2 of which will be streamed + AFK time cosmic experience: I played a little cosmicPVP but my internet meant I could not keep up so I moved on to prisons for sov map 1 and continued until the recent PVP update (in my opinion) ruined the game. the reason I want to...
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    Island Team Recruiting

    I'm looking for people to join my team. if you want to join PM me with what you will bring to the team. you must have discord and you must be willing to be on stream(don't worry I don't get many viewers). I won't turn anyone away if they can bring something to the team.
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    CosmicSky Community Update #003

    things are looking better and better with each post :)
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    CosmicSky Referral Beta Access Contest

    nice. have fun playing on the beta :)
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    I honestly hated when Preston did his live stream episodes of prisons, it meant there were too many people logged on that didn't want to play the game they just wanted to get in the stream. this meant that for the people that wanted to play the planet was either full or too crowded to do much...
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    /Fly for donor rank

    I think it should both a rank perk and something you can buy/receive in-game, that way if you can p2w for it if you want but it still achievable for the non-p2w players
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    as per the giveaway on twitter earlier we know there are other ways, as to how many more who knows