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  • im sorry for using auto clicker I didn't realise that this is a bannable case can you plz unban me ty
    Odds are Nibble will not see this message. You need to appeal your ban in the ban appeal section, or in discord if it was a shiva ban.
    Im new and I didnt know that I could get banned for having something on my left mouse button. Please let me play again.
    Hello. I just went on cosmic sky and i was breaking my potatoes then somehow i got banned. Please help i've done nothing and i got banned?!?
    I got banned for shiva what is shiva
    I looked up what shiva was and it said it was a shovel but I had no shovel on me
    Shiva is a auto cheat detecting system. Go into TeamSpeak and wait in the Shiva Ban Appeal lobby. They will message you with the out come of there investigation into your ban. Good luck.
    I started playing last month i bought a lootbox and countless hours on this game just to get banned with no evidence i did not use no auto clicker and only changed my mouse left click to the letter m because the left click stop working i have 7+ island members and got my appeal got denied if this happen to a YouTuber they 100% would be unban straight away
    I was recently banned for hacking idk y I was farming a friends zombies and I get banned plz look into it I love the game and wanna play more
    And when or how could I get this lifted Bc I was chilling killing zombies and don’t wanna pay for something I didn’t do
    Go to teamspeak if you are banned by Shiva ( and go into the Shiva Ban Appeal Channel to make your appeal. Be patient tho!
    hi i have just been scammed by a rank 5 pretending to fix they stole my gemfind 3 eff5 fortune 3 pick and im considering leaving the server wich is sad because i was here alot and did enjoy the community but that fixin with trust system is not ok ... ofc they waited to scam until the chat was cleared so i could not screenshot the promise but pls do something
    me: LordBatzer, scammer: brynn_bear0505
    Go into ts
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