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    Best value rank

    Rank 4 i would say but rank 5 gets you fix so its truly up to you if you dont care for that thne go 4
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    what to do if you can't join

    welp atleast you got it working
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    what to do if you can't join

    What are you putting in as the server address im gussing you tried yes?
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    Will There Ever be a Sale

    If you follow there twitter, so far they have given 10% off cupon codes for the first 50 people who use them from what your aking its not much but its better than nothing and most likely down the line they might do bigger sales for holidays and things like that...
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    CosmicSky Community Update #005

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    Welcome and to tell the truth it might be p2w but you never know
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    CosmicSky BuyCraft

    Who gettin the 300$ rank when it comes out? #P2W
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    Betas only.

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    when is the server going to be released
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    IM SO EXCITED When it coming tho?
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    CosmicSky Referral Contest Winners

    GG ok so now that we beta testers whats poppin with the server?