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    Fishing.. does it need a buff ?

    I think they should just remove the got away mechanic. You should ALWAYS catch something, but what it is get's better as you go up. Definitely needs rebalancing and maybe add fishing-exclusive loot so theres actually a decent reason to grind.
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    CosmicSky: Reset Announcement

    Woop woop!
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    Patch Notes (v1.0.7)

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    LoOtBOxEs RuIn ThE ECoNoMy GuyS

    Thats a Yikes from me Dawg.
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    Patch Notes (v1.0.4)

    I have to say battle royale is very cool.
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    Patch Notes (v1.0.3)

    Can't see lootbox? pretty sure it get's queued up for the next second.
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    Patch Notes (v1.0.3)

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    PVP Discussion + How to fix?

    Thats fine, but any particular reason? Curious.
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    PVP Discussion + How to fix?

    This just isn't true, top gangs can't control all of adventure, outskirts areas, especially when there's 2 different worlds would be easily accessible for smaller groups.