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    Goodbye ya’ll

    This is USAFA it been a journey from beta to now. But now my time on Minecraft is coming to a end and as I should have before move on. Hope best of luck to you all. Making a longer goodbye message when Jungle season ends. @Tatorminator88 enjoy your streams and even if we try to build a island...
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    PSA: Keep your account safe!

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    Not done yet, but when Jungle on Cosmicpvp reset it will be a farewell from cosmic network. Finish well on f top and depart
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    I have no life

    Nice and my road is about to end on cosmicsky or official cosmicpvp
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    Who this young fellow

    Who this young fellow
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    LoOtBOxEs RuIn ThE ECoNoMy GuyS

    Bad luck
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    Patch Notes (v1.0.4)

    Welp late again huh?
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    Legacy Release

    Got top rank on legacy before come out in shop and not playing even just for the title in the forums
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    Who is this even never heard of him confused ?
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    Who that
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    Challenge Hunters! | Cosmic Sky | EP. 5

    Nice thumbnail good vid
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    Patch Notes (v1.0.2)

    Pretty nice addition’s added
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    Automatic Resource Node Harvest Design!!

    CrazySOB did a good job on the thumbnail also enjoy your series
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    Staff Applications are now open!

    If you were recently banned you must go to to appeal for your ban