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  • I have never been banned before, so I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Hey ypperin, i can't log in to any of the cosmic servers, i dont know whats wrong and it gives me the error "java.net.socketException network unreachable"
    can you please help me?
    Thats a network issue I dont think its on their end
    i keep getting kicked from the server every like 5 or less minutes and it says client was closed by host and then i try to log back in it wont let me it says that i seem to be logged in already even though i am not do you guys know why this is, and can this be fixed?
    i sent i report too this server please read it and help me i lost$750,000,000 worth of stuff on server he stoe it all and grief my island his username is nicholaspowera5 help me please
    So I've been playing on cosmic sky for about 2 weeks and since then I've been having troubles with my textures and lighting textures, such as my chest aren't connecting, my lighting textures such as my torches and glow stone isn't working causing my crops not being able to be planted and other things not connecting such as red stone and my fences. This only happens on cosmic sky,
    Hi, I recently bought a rank and I was logged into my account on the cosmic store but I changed my name before I bought it and didn't log into my new ign or get refunded the money back. I never received the rank
    I was on someones island mining up some of their iron ore nodes and i shift picked them all up. I know they didn't want that, but they're afk can you help give them back?
    AS much as I'd like to keep two of them its the right thing to do, so I;m going to head to bed and check this when I wake up.
    Nice guy here, id recomend when u get up try and contact the guy and give them back also tell him not to have break blocks inabled but have harvest resource nodes instrad
    Hey, I was just wondering if you know how to get fishing to work, cause my friend can't seem to fish at all... Please help
    hey i need help, My brother just got banned for afking he did not have anything on his mouse or anything he was just sitting there eating his food ,but when he finished he was banned for 90 days for cheating/hacking/blacklisted mod and we really don't know why.please help
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