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  1. Kirsty

    600 players now

    That is something we try and aim towards, honestly. Sometimes we miss the mark though, and we're not afraid to admit that. I appreciate the reply though :)
  2. Kirsty

    DJSubs & IWetTheBed's Wedding!!!!

    I was about to reply saying how upset I was that I missed it... but then I realised I didn't even get an invite!
  3. Kirsty

    How long should a season Be

    Even though they were broken to poop? ;) Currently each map varies in length, as you've all seen. There are a number of factors that come into play when we decide to reset the map, and each of those factors have changed map to map xD Honestly, it's a careful balance and not something we can...
  4. Kirsty

    demonic mask

    Seems like the community got to you before we could - happy adventuring my friend!
  5. Kirsty

    600 players now

    This^ entirely. Honestly, the best way to get your feelings across is "X is broken, because of Y, I think it should be fixed with Z". This shows us what needs to be changed and why, and the direction in which you think it should go. Just to note though: When you posted this thread, it was...
  6. Kirsty

    Patch Notes (v4.3): /color Crystals, /titles and /trail Effects

    Greetings Cosmonauts, LMS has been a massive hit for a lot of you - the spark of that good ol' #COMP? has got you all riled up, and it's awesome watching the many, many heated fights there have been. This week we've decided to implement some awesome and well-requested things which will bring...
  7. Kirsty

    how does shiva work

    SHIVA is an all-knowing, all-seeing celestial being. :poggers: But seriously, it's an anti-cheat. So long as you're not cheating, you'll be fine. But the intricacies of the anti-cheat, we won't go into! Kirsty
  8. Kirsty

    Treacle Tart Page Value

    Honestly, that's a really tough question to come here and ask. The prices for items fluctuate by the HOUR sometimes, often day to day. LOL! My best suggestion is to keep an eye on the /ah and watch how much similar sell for to gauge the market for it. If none are up, then you can pretty much...
  9. Kirsty

    Grass Spawning Mobs

    As Skulzers said, many players have done their own testing and they prefer mobs to have their own chunks as it proves better for them. By all means though, do your own research - find what's best for you!
  10. Kirsty

    Chest Stealing Bois Need To Be Stopped

    But then that completely detracts from the whole system. One of the major points of this update was because a lot of people (a good majority of the server, in fact) did not want to go to Adventures because they gained nothing out of it. They just died constantly to other players. Yes, I agree...
  11. Kirsty

    Biggest problem of CosmicSky

    But we did reduce the cost of /is levels Pretty drastically in some areas. There has been a lot of time and effort spent balancing the economy for this map. Making sure that each subsequent tier of mob/crop is progressively better than the previous (based on how easy to kill/how fast it's...
  12. Kirsty

    Chicken Jockeys From Spawner Mobs

    We’ve forwarded information to the developers about this with a view to fix further. If you guys have any videos showing this happen please PM me them and we can review to ensure all cases of it are resolved :) Thanks for taking the time to let us know!
  13. Kirsty

    Chicken Jockeys From Spawner Mobs

    There was a fix implemented to stop these, but I can see some very rare edge cases where it might slip through the net, such as Lox mentioned - however, are you experiencing this more than that?
  14. Kirsty

    PayPal Charge Back

    As others have mentioned, to get this resolved please email You'll need to make sure you have your IGN, and any other alts that you have that have been banned due to chargeback too. As for you not doing it, it may be someone who has purchased something to your account and...
  15. Kirsty

    Grass Spawning Mobs

    Put down more grass- more grass = more opportunities to spawn, so it should be quicker! :)
  16. Kirsty

    Chest Stealing Bois Need To Be Stopped

    Just kill the lawful before they can loot your chests, no? They get a death timer, you keep your loot - all great! Outposts are something we're keeping an eye on and looking at reviewing - never fear!
  17. Kirsty

    Patch Notes (v4.2): Last Man Standing, Bandit Assault Buff

    Greetings Cosmonauts, We're already two weeks into the map, that is absolute madness! You've all been posting some awesome suggestions, so keep that up - it's proving to be a really interesting read, and I really appreciate how understanding you've all been of other people's suggestions too...
  18. Kirsty

    11/1 Update Post

    #fakenews- this has been a thing from Day #1 :P
  19. Kirsty

    Patch (v4.0.5): Adventure Cooldowns, Trust Fund, $250 All-in-One Special

    Greetings Cosmonauts, A post a day keeps the doctor away! How many of you are already onto the higher crops? Have you guys been into the Realms yet? I love the beginning of a new map, there is so much hype and busy-ness! I know you've all been working your fingers to the bone, so we're here to...
  20. Kirsty

    Adventure Chaos-Only Zones

    High risk = high reward :) You can get everything everywhere, however you have a better chance at mid for sure.