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  1. Shifter


    Boiiiiss its ABout that time tomorrow is the last day to get yo referrals up you getting in? IM so ready for this to launch
  2. Shifter

    Beta Members

    So there is going to be around 100 people for the beta right? What does that come down to? like Top 50 people for referrals and 50 at random from twitter or something? or Top 95 people with referrals and 5 poeple from twitter? Or Top 100 referrals and just a handfuln from twitter And What other...
  3. Shifter

    Does a straw have one hole or two?

    Doin sum strict research here I need to know
  4. Shifter

    Who got friends?

    So if anyone just has a busload of friends they dont need send em my way thanks ;)
  5. Shifter

    The Sky Lore

    One day one lost and lonley ypperin woke onto a world where saw nothing but the vastness of the sky around her (Continue The Story)
  6. Shifter

    Was Poppin

    sorry im already is top #1