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  1. CosmicSky

    Patch Notes (v1.0.2)

    Greetings Cosmonauts It's official, it has been one week since the official release of CosmicSky! We have seen all of your suggestions and really appreciate the feedback! The developers have been busy smashing those darn bugs and have added some new features for you guys to enjoy! Lootboxes...
  2. CosmicSky

    Rank kits

    This is something we debated internally. We actually like the fact that it creates insensitve for you to level your alliance's island, AND your personal island. We're open to change, but currently our stance is that it would be too OP if it scaled with your alliance island's level.
  3. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky: Map #1

    Greetings Cosmonauts! The adventure begins..... That's right, today's the big day, and I figured I'd give you a little breakdown that will help you get your feet underneath you when the game starts! Core Features: Origins Islands Alliances Crafting and Nodes Adventures Enchantments...
  4. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky Public Release

    Greetings Cosmonauts, CosmicSky's Closed Beta is almost done, and today we are announcing the dates for both the end of beta AND the full, public release of CosmicSky! Closed Beta End Time February 8th, 2019 at 9pm CST CosmicSky Map #1 Start Time February 15th, 2019 at 2pm CST Server IP...
  5. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky Community Update #005

    Greetings Cosmonauts, CosmicSky's Closed Beta is almost upon us, and we have the final pre-beta community update to share with you all! First of all, a reminder of when Closed Beta is launching tomorrow: Closed Beta Launch Date/Time: January 18th, 2019 at 2pm CST Closed Beta Testers, keep...
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    Cosmic shop all $1

    All categories that were visible on the shop are subject to change and are only serving as template placeholders. (( You weren't supposed to see any of that! ))
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    CosmicSky Closed Beta Announcement

    Greetings Cosmonauts! Welcome back everyone! The Holidays may be coming to an end but the CosmicSky HYPE is just starting to ramp up! Today we have a very exciting announcement, the official Closed Beta release date/time! Closed Beta Launch Date/Time: January 18th, 2019 at 2pm CST Currently...
  8. CosmicSky

    Forums have been quiet lately...

    There's a big difference between coding the "core for testing" and developing, testing, iterating, and releasing a project that needs to support 1000s of players with no major bugs/glitches from the start!
  9. CosmicSky

    Beta Pushed Back...

    We have very strict quality control for our gamemodes! Our original goal was indeed to run the Closed Beta over Christmas Break, but we will not sacrifice quality to meet internal deadlines. You will all be exploring the wonderful world of CosmicSky together soon, and it will be worth the wait...
  10. CosmicSky

    Forums have been quiet lately...

    We've just been busy! :)
  11. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky Community Update #004

    Greetings Cosmonauts, It's been a while since our last community update! We've been busy busy BUSY finalizing gameplay mechanics and preparing for our highly anticipated Closed Beta phase! Some of you may have noticed some innocuous tweets from @Woofless yesterday as the Closed Alpha is fully...
  12. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky Referral Contest Winners

    Greetings Cosmonauts! The referral beta access contest has come to an end! We have purged all fake/invalid referrals (people signing up multiple accounts themselves or for their friends). Here are the winners along with the number of accounts they referred to CosmicSky! Didn't quite make the...
  13. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky Community Update #003

    Greetings Cosmonauts, What a crazy week it's been! We ran our first official Closed Beta Access giveaway on our twitter on Tuesday, and have another one starting today! Be sure to follow our twitter with notifications ON to maximize your chance of being selected for the upcoming Closed Beta...
  14. CosmicSky

    The problem with referrals

    We disagree! Sure many people will just sign-up because their friends ask them, but it gets our name out there and the analytics show many of these referred members go on to post content!
  15. CosmicSky

    The problem with referrals

    Relax! The referral system is just -one- of the contests/methods we will be using to choose Closed Beta participants.
  16. CosmicSky

    Will there be Custom Enchants?

    CosmicSky will feature custom enchantments, but in a much more conservative and meaningful way than on our factions & prisons networks! We will not be carrying over any of the existing enchantments from PvP/Prisons in their current form.
  17. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky Community Update #002

    Greetings Cosmonauts, We have another exciting gameplay LEAK for you today! The response to our new Referral Beta Access Contest has been absolutely incredible, we're seeing 100s of new sign-ups every couple of hours here on our community forums. Everyone is getting more and more excited and...
  18. CosmicSky


    Skyblock is a more airy gamemode than Prisons though ;)
  19. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky Referral Beta Access Contest

    Unfortunately not at this time!
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    CosmicSky Referral Beta Access Contest

    Greetings Cosmonauts! We want to continue growing the community around this exciting upcoming project, and at the same time start rewarding our most contributing community members. So, today we've added a new feature here on our community forums, referral links! To make things more fun, this...