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  1. Kirsty

    Democracy on the server

    LOLOLOL... oh, were you serious?
  2. Kirsty

    Democracy on the server

    And my quote was saying that your idea, the purpose of this post, is covered by the Suggestions and Ideas forum. I wasn't trying to say that this should be under suggestions and ideas.
  3. Kirsty

    Looks like the tutorial gives us some wrong info

    For sure needs to be updated! Thanks for the reminder!
  4. Kirsty

    Co-Op Island help

    You need to be added to the island to be able to /is tp <name> there Your friend can do that by /is invite <yourName> and then you can accept it. At that point you'll be able to /sethome and /is tp <friendsName> :)
  5. Kirsty

    redstone dying

    You will also be getting notifications in chat when near those chunks to advise you that you are exceeding the redstone limit! Keep an eye out for that!
  6. Kirsty

    Opinions pls!

    For sure never too late! Get on it!
  7. Kirsty

    Democracy on the server

    Surely this is what the Suggestions and Ideas forum section is about? It's somewhere that all players can put down their feedback and their opinions (hopefully with a decent amount of alternatives if there is something that they feel is not working). Not only that, but it's open for others to...
  8. Kirsty

    uhhhh what

    All good! Quite often it's easy to miss as you have other Island EXP being gained at the same time - don't worry about it!
  9. Kirsty

    Bandit assault forfeit daily time

    What @Alpha_VampWolf has stated here is what is happening. You wouldn't have been kicked immediately, you would have had to do nothing for two full rounds before you were kicked. There was a serious issue with people abusing the mechanics of the realm, and so a solution AND a rule had to be...
  10. Kirsty


    Welp, that's a thing. As I previously stated in the other thread that I just closed - this is not the place to discuss this. It is totally fruitless to start a discussion here about it. Your friend has already appealed and that was the right thing to do- but coming to the forums will do...
  11. Kirsty

    uhhhh what

    This^ Sugar cane gives Island EXP on growth - it would be silly to give it on break as you could continually place and break xD
  12. Kirsty


    This is not the appropriate place to appeal a ban, nor discuss the outcome - if you do not agree with the outcome of the appeal, feel free to start a conversation with me on the forums. However, not here.
  13. Kirsty

    why has everything dropped in price?

    There could potentially be a lot of reasons for this - there could be more in the market which means that people are constantly undercutting each other to get theirs sold. Players could be spending their money on player upgrades meaning that there is less money in the economy to purchase those...
  14. Kirsty

    Collection Chests not picking up Gold Nuggets?

    If you choose the gold fragments in the mining category, they will collect. It is a known issue which will be resolved, but for now - just choose the gold fragment in the mining category.
  15. Kirsty

    Well, it's been a hot minute!

    Well, it's been a hot minute!
  16. Kirsty

    Rare candy scraps wont combine to make a full rare candy

    Awesome! Enjoy!
  17. Kirsty

    i cant do /withdraw

    Whoop whoop! Great! Thanks for replying to let me know!
  18. Kirsty

    ScanePal Cheating?!?!?!?

    If you feel that anyone is breaking the rules in anyway, please submit a ban report here: This is not the right place to put any information like this.
  19. Kirsty


    Sometimes it takes a second or two to update - and more often than not you can speed this up by changing servers (to /spawn etc)! Glad it's resolved now though!
  20. Kirsty

    Rare candy scraps wont combine to make a full rare candy

    Hi! If you spread it out to the full 9 slots of a crafting table this will work, or the 4 slots of your inventory crafting this will also work! We are looking to block the crafting of the Yellow Dye though, so this is clearer for you!