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  1. Kirsty

    Always getting disconnected when the server has more than 300 players on

    When I read the title of your post, this is what I immediately thought of and your screenshot confirmed it. Yes, whilst you're able to log on between 1.8-1.13.2, the server has been optimised for 1.12.2. It's the version we'd recommend over all else. Hopefully this has fixed the issue for you!
  2. Kirsty

    Lighting issues on island

    There have been some server-side changes related to lighting to reduce the amount of client-side lag players experience when they place blocks at the void or at sky. I think this is probably happening because of that. I would go ahead and increase your gamma in your settings!
  3. Kirsty

    What we deserve because of this long issue.

    Luckily, it was only a few hours that your kit would have been delayed by. You've been told that it's not something we're able to do, and so to continue a conversation which is going to lead you nowhere is just going to be unproductive for all parties involved.
  4. Kirsty

    Patch Notes (v1.0.10) Collection chests, Refined ores

    Greetings Cosmonauts! What an outstanding week we've all had! It's been awesome watching you all giving that pesky Plague Doctor a run for his money (& loot!), seeing how your islands are progressing and having a sneak peek at some of the awesome and unique builds you're making! We have been...
  5. Kirsty

    Server down

    The server had to have very brief maintenance - this was for a matter of minutes! Everything is up and running now!
  6. Kirsty

    What we deserve because of this long issue.

    This was not a foreseen situation; the whole issue regarding the datacenter was completely out of our hands. The server was just down for a handful of hours- we appreciate that during this time you weren't able to play, and I love how passionate you are which has lead to this thread being...
  7. Kirsty

    April 15th Server Downtime [Resolved]

    Thank you all for your patience whilst this was resolved.
  8. Kirsty

    April 15th Server Downtime [Resolved]

    Greetings Cosmonauts! Currently, CosmicSky is down due to issues at the datacenter. The datacenter is aware of the problems, and they are actively working to get them resolved to allow the server to come back online again. Thank you for your patience whilst this issue is being sorted - we will...
  9. Kirsty

    Why are the servers down?

    There are currently issues relating to the datacenter - this is affecting both Sky and Prisons. The datacenter is aware of the issue, and it's being investigated.
  10. Kirsty

    y is cosmic down?

    There are currently issues relating to the datacenter at the moment. It's being investigated - thanks for your patience!
  11. Kirsty

    whys cosmic down

    There appear to be issues relating to the datacenter at the moment. We have no times for when it's up at the moment.
  12. Kirsty

    Do Custom Enchants Stack?

    No enchants stack :)
  13. Kirsty

    what will happen in the new season what will go away and what will happen to the loot boxes that you have bought and ranks

    Reset isn't something we're thinking about at the moment, and the full information surrounding the reset will be announced when reset is announced! We're still focusing on the current map :)
  14. Kirsty

    whys cosmic down

    Thanks for your patience guys whilst this is getting looked into. We'll let you know more information when we get it.
  15. Kirsty

    When's the reset?

    There's no date set for reset yet! Keep an eye on the announcement forum for when it does get announced though.
  16. Kirsty

    Patch Notes (v1.0.9) Welcome to Science!

    Greetings Cosmonauts! We've been watching how much you're now enjoying the Bandit King, Elites, and, of course, that elusive Gold Ore Node- you're all smashing it outta the park! Now, we hinted (heavily!) about Science coming and now its beginning to reveal itself! Science: /is level 19 Auto...
  17. Kirsty

    I just want to play...

    Feel free to post a ban appeal here: and in the meanwhile, if you're not IP banned you're free to play on an alt :) However, this isn't the place for this.
  18. Kirsty

    Killed a boss

    I was watching - congrats! I can't wait to see more people try their hand at it now :)
  19. Kirsty

    Patch Notes (v1.0.8) Science Pre-Patch

    Greetings Cosmonauts! We're leaping into Spring, and CosmicSky is blossoming as beautifully as the flowers outside. Luckily for you guys, our wonderful developer has been looking at the flowers through the window whilst working hard on this week's update. So without further ado... Science...