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  1. Woofless

    Carrot Recipes (and other farming recipes)

    We found that most recipes existed exactly how we wanted- but Carrot was one that got a little lost. That has been fixed for the second map entirely.
  2. Woofless

    Reputation Points Huge Concern

    To clarify: Rep points don't stack. Will take your highest island.
  3. Woofless

    Skill tokens carry over!

    We have taken a serious look at how the Economy progresses and have made some major steps and changes to fix the progression. :)
  4. Woofless

    Patch Notes (v1.0.9) Welcome to Science!

    yes - it's g r i n d time
  5. Woofless

    When is the fun going to be added to CosmicSky?

    Ahh yes the chain vs Iron is something that we are looking at currently. Also working on giving Diamond armor more dynamic approaches. Will have to wait for that however.
  6. Woofless

    When is the fun going to be added to CosmicSky?

    You mean getting making it so that getting those is less of a grind? Not sure what you are getting at. We have added a TON of new PvP updates like multi gems, outposts, battleroyale, **** (coming soon)? What else would you have done for this?
  7. Woofless

    When is the fun going to be added to CosmicSky?

    Yeah we have plans to work on all these things 100%! This is season 1 and we appreciate the patient and feedback on all things in the gameplay.
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    Started from the bottom now we here.
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    Let's talk about the economy

    On top of that, the plans for this eco are much larger than what is currently "balanced" in terms of what players will achieve. To infinity and beyond as someone once said. Not sure who.
  11. Woofless

    Loot boxes

    Yikes, it's bad when we make it so that players who have in game eco can way easier afford ranks without p2w. Tough.
  12. Woofless

    Adventure in particular is very unfair

    Obviously the mode just released so we are keeping a close eye on how the mechanics that got tested in beta hold up with now over 1000+ players online. Not saying anything in particular will change but know that we have a close eye on these threads, the gameplay, and will adjust 🙏
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    #2 baby

    #2 baby
  14. Woofless

    Raiding in Skyblock?

    Your personal island won't get raided at all. But that doesn't mean raiding won't be a thing. Hmmm
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    lol implying we can't change the pvp mechanics smh Anuuuhl
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    I don't like anything but 1.8 and below pvp
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    In game eco and balance is more important to us than p2w and always has been so we always make sure that it's :savage: before we do anything major on the p2w side. eh.