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  1. ImFireBall

    Patch Notes (v2.7): Champion /skit, Enchantment Dust

    ok now give me purple name back
  2. ImFireBall


  3. ImFireBall

    Orange name....

    Orange name....
  4. ImFireBall

    Ayo wassup

  5. ImFireBall

    i guess im to alpha to be beta

    i guess im to alpha to be beta
  6. ImFireBall

    good question

    good question
  7. ImFireBall

    Ok where did it go

    Ok where did it go
  8. ImFireBall

    Server command

    /join ?
  9. ImFireBall

    Let's talk Auto Mob Farming!

    why are my igs not spawning
  10. ImFireBall

    Just your average noob here

    Its not confusing after you play for a few days and get use to it :P
  11. ImFireBall

    Content creators?

    sell out
  12. ImFireBall

    Reputation Points Huge Concern

    in that case, the later the better
  13. ImFireBall

    Thank you, Map #1!

    1 person doesn’t belong in that screenshot
  14. ImFireBall

    Player base prediction

    Your surprised it died? I think that was the whole point of the map. To adjust the game before a big event
  15. ImFireBall

    Cosmic Sky Admin Assist Appeals & New Jr. Admin