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  1. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky Community Update #003

    Greetings Cosmonauts, What a crazy week it's been! We ran our first official Closed Beta Access giveaway on our twitter on Tuesday, and have another one starting today! Be sure to follow our twitter with notifications ON to maximize your chance of being selected for the upcoming Closed Beta...
  2. CosmicSky

    The problem with referrals

    We disagree! Sure many people will just sign-up because their friends ask them, but it gets our name out there and the analytics show many of these referred members go on to post content!
  3. CosmicSky

    The problem with referrals

    Relax! The referral system is just -one- of the contests/methods we will be using to choose Closed Beta participants.
  4. CosmicSky

    Will there be Custom Enchants?

    CosmicSky will feature custom enchantments, but in a much more conservative and meaningful way than on our factions & prisons networks! We will not be carrying over any of the existing enchantments from PvP/Prisons in their current form.
  5. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky Community Update #002

    Greetings Cosmonauts, We have another exciting gameplay LEAK for you today! The response to our new Referral Beta Access Contest has been absolutely incredible, we're seeing 100s of new sign-ups every couple of hours here on our community forums. Everyone is getting more and more excited and...
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    Skyblock is a more airy gamemode than Prisons though ;)
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    CosmicSky Referral Beta Access Contest

    Unfortunately not at this time!
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    CosmicSky Referral Beta Access Contest

    Greetings Cosmonauts! We want to continue growing the community around this exciting upcoming project, and at the same time start rewarding our most contributing community members. So, today we've added a new feature here on our community forums, referral links! To make things more fun, this...
  9. CosmicSky

    CC 1.12.2

    Updating the Cosmic Client to properly support CosmicSky is something we've been discussing and working on. However we will likely not have support for 1.12/1.13 on the Cosmic Client by the time our closed beta launches.
  10. CosmicSky

    CosmicSky Community Update #001

    Greetings Cosmonauts, It's time for a community update, and our first gameplay LEAK! We've been extremely impressed with the Cosmic community's response to the announcement of the upcoming CosmicSky network. We love seeing all the activity here on the official forums and over on our...
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    Introducing: CosmicSky

    Greetings Cosmonauts! Welcome to the official CosmicSky community forums. This is an upcoming 1.12.2 Minecraft Java Edition Skyblock network designed by the founders of CosmicPvP and CosmicPrisons. As always, we have some exciting twists and improvements to display on the currently known...