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  1. USAFA

    Goodbye ya’ll

    This is USAFA it been a journey from beta to now. But now my time on Minecraft is coming to a end and as I should have before move on. Hope best of luck to you all. Making a longer goodbye message when Jungle season ends. @Tatorminator88 enjoy your streams and even if we try to build a island...
  2. USAFA

    Some people got lot of points

    just curious how you got that amount, look at there trophy points did not add up.
  3. USAFA

    New update for beta testers

    Keep a lookout for it tomorrow
  4. USAFA

    Cosmic shop all $1

    The cosmic shop release is cheap better get it now!!!!!
  5. USAFA

    Sprain my knee at work

    Get few days out what sucks lot of pain.
  6. USAFA

    Reintroduced myself

  7. USAFA

    Thoughts on Super Smash Bros

    Coming this Friday anyone hyped!!!!
  8. USAFA

    Active Member 2nd

    Time to take it a level down. Made it to active member.????
  9. USAFA

    /Fly for donor rank

    Don’t know what you think, but I played few skyblock server and some do not implement flying at your island. Would you agree to allow flying at your island. I personally think there should not have a command with /fly on sky block tell me your opinion
  10. USAFA

    Hey all

    Good afternoon, My name is USAFA I am excited to meet you all on forums and also on cosmicsky when beta comes out. About me : Played Jungle since map 2 Only played prisons since alpha and Sahara map 1. I am 19 and I love to drive with friends and I enjoy photography?. Hope to see you all on...
  11. USAFA

    Radius Island

    Do you think they will add a radius for your island on how big it can be. Like if you were a donor rank you would have bigger radius for your island.
  12. USAFA


    Add pets on cosmicsky Baby polar bears,llamas, bunny’s and other creatures
  13. USAFA

    Black Friday Shopping

    Ya’ll got any cool gadgets from shopping today