Dec 26, 2019
Minecraft IGN
Hey, so I have seen absolutely no guides or videos regarding the deadchest so I though it would be fun if I made a tiny montage of me doing them.


Also in hopes of getting more people to do the deadchest I will make a little inventory guide on what you should bring for the deadchest if you want to do it in one sitting. This is what I recommend if you want the cheapest set possible to do it in. I literally see no one except from people in top alliances do it so I hope this encourages more people to go for it.

-Axes: cleave (very recommended to have cleave on one axe the other one can be a regular)
-Helmet: regular p3
-Chesplate: champion chest plate with overload 2
-Pants: regular p3 pants
-Boots: champion boots with adrenaline rush (it’s a life saver)
-COOKIE (ABSOLUTE NECESSITY YOU HAVE TO BRING THIS mining back to portal takes forever and with the deadchest loot you are holding you will make very stupid mistakes so just cookie out instead of mining to your portal....)
-12 stacks of healing pots 2 in stacks of 8
-4 stacks of stacked strength pots
-1 stack of obi
-1 bow
-1000 or 500 arrows bundled (I usually go with 1000 tho but 500 is fine depending on how many ghasts are in the fortress)
-1 or 2 enderperls (makes escaping from players very easy)
-1 lvl 5 mama pet bear (not needed but very recommended)
-5 stacks of apple (well this is what I bring you can bring like 3 stack of steak would work also)
-1 stack of stacked speed pots
-2 strength 2 pots and 2 speed 2 pots
-for inventory slot left bring what you want!!!!

The deadchest takes forever to do as a solo It takes around 1 to 2 hours depending on how good the fortress you get it. So I do recommend to bring someone along but yes it is doable as a solo. When scouting out the fortress what you will want to check is that if there is a lot of blaze spawners or not. A good fortress is one that has none of them but you usually will not get one. So if you get like 1 blaze spawner in the fortress that means you pretty much got a good fortress. When you jump down below blazes are very hard to kill because the pigmen will comme running to you so you have to go for a fortress that doesn’t have many blazes. Also remember that if you are doing the deadchest you are putting yourself at risk of getting your chest stolen from you and the risk of losing gear. Pls remember that you may die. Well if you have any other good strats for the chest or any deadchest related questions leave them below.


Jun 27, 2019
Minecraft IGN
Nice montage!

This just shows that getting ghasts aren't as simple as doing /kit rank and getting ghasts!

Remove ghasts from level 99 /rankkits!!

(pls install OBS, the screenshots hurt my brain xD)