Admin Assist Appeals Walkthrough

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Nov 21, 2018
Minecraft IGN
Admin Assist Appeals!

Appeal schedule
How to appeal
What will be appealed
What happens when you do appeal

Appeal Schedule
Below you'll find the times of the Admin Assist Appeals Channel. The appeals will be open for approximately 2 hours per session, and there is the possibility of closing before the two hours if the channel becomes full. If your timezone isn't listed please use the below times to convert to yours!
  • Monday 9am - 11am CST / 3pm - 5pm GMT / 1am - 3am AET
  • Tuesday 3am - 5am CST / 9am - 11am GMT / 7pm - 9pm AET
  • Wednesday 2pm - 4pm CST / 8pm - 10pm GMT / 6am - 8am AET
  • Friday 11am - 1pm CST / 5pm - 7pm GMT / 3am - 5am AET

How to appeal
All appeals will be handled in our Discord - To learn how to join our Discord please read this thread.
NOTE: If you are banned and are unable to join the discord through /discord, you will need to post a Discord Support Ticket here once 60-90 days have passed!

Once you are in the discord you'll need to join the Admin Assist channel at when it reads "OPEN Admin Assist Appeals"

Once there, you will need to wait until you are moved by an Admin for a conversation. You need to stay active in that channel - if you are AFK when you are moved you may be kicked from the server as there are others who will want to appeal.

What will be appealed
All permanent/IP bans will be appealed in this channel.

Bans that will NOT be appealed through Admin Assist Channels
  • Chargeback
You will also be able to appeal mutes in this channel.

What happens when you appeal
As previously mentioned, these are serious matters and should be treated as such.
  • You NEED to have a mic. You will not be appealed if you do not have a mic to talk with the Admins
  • You will be pulled into a channel with Admins and then a discussion will begin.
  • The reasons for your ban will be discussed, and the way in which you react will be noted.
  • Appeals will be done on a case-by-case basis
  • An appropriate amount of time needs to have passed before you appeal your ban
  • Your appeal may result in a complete unban or removal of the IP-ban if relevant. As mentioned previously, this is done on a case-by-case basis
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