Beta Tester Competition

Greetings Cosmonauts!

What an adventure it's been, so many bugs, so many exploits, such amazing feedback! We appreciate everyone's feedback and the effort the community as a whole has put in, however, as I'm sure many of you knew, behind the scenes we Admins have been keeping a tally on bug reports wanting to make sure to extend a special thank you to those who:
  • Followed procedure and made Bug Reports using Support Tickets
  • Gave concise feedback and detailed information
  • Went above and beyond to make sure to try to test EVERYTHING possible
  • Reported bugs and exploits in a timely manner

And I'm thrilled to announce the final tally is in:

Top Tier Rank Winners:
@AppleOfficial : 16 Bug Reports​
@Rack: 12 Bug Reports​
Tier 3 (Mid Tier Rank) Winners:
@_Crucio: 8 Bug Reports​
@Dire: 7 Bug Reports​
@JustJooost: 6 Bug Reports​
Tier 1 (Low Tier Rank) Winners all with 4 Bug Reports Each:

**HINT: I'd keep an eye on our twitter, @CosmicSkyblock, to see some Juicy Rank Perk Leaks ;)

Those of you who have won a rank will have your Rank Package queued shortly after release! Congratulations! And Thanks for all the amazing feedback and contributions from everyone!


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