Cosmic Island Article (#13)

Greetings Cosmonauts!

Welcome to Week #13 of the Cosmic Island Article! Unlucky for some, but not this week for @PegoStudios, who is our $20 Buycraft Coupon Code winner! Focussing on the new guys, his videos are perfect for those just starting out!

How to CosmicSky
@PegoStudios has just started a series on CosmicSky a little over a week ago, and he's making sure that he covers absolutely everything that he's doing- including the very, very basics! We've seen some questions from new players about recently, so head on over to Pego's YouTube channel and watch along! We think you'll learn A LOT!

Victory Royale! or not!
@callmequeasy was on the receiving end of the competition in Adventure while he was streaming... and also at the receiving end of the newly released Headless enchant! You never really quite realize how much your own head is worth until someone is iteming it in chat! He was also subject to the new Bow Itemskin, which is SO much fun to play about with!

Have you got yourself a head collection? Which is your most precious of all the heads that you've collected?

It's not all about that hard grind...
@Loxtech (with compliments to @blueberrycow) contacted us with this awesome video about their "Scanezone"... They've taken over the Dead Zone and they are absolutely claiming it as their own. This little clip shows just how much they've settled in, with a *cough* beautiful floor and their Alliance name in every direction you look! I guess, as they were the first to /is level 50 this week, we can officially say that SCANEPALS ON TOP!

Which area of CosmicSky have you been able to claim for your own? Did you manage to see the obsidian awesomeness?

Want to see yourself on this page next week? Want to be in with a chance to get a $20 Buycraft Coupon Code for just playing the game? Let us know! It could be a good Adventure run, a beautiful build on your island that you're proud of, or that elusive god set that you've been taking your time in making! Videos, GIFs, and pictures are all accepted!

Start a conversation with us on the forums here with what you want to show the world, and we can look at including it in the next weeks! Thank you to everyone for their contributions this week, keep it up!



Closed Beta Tester
Nov 22, 2018
Minecraft IGN

Gotta love how the twitch clip is just of us bullying him xd

And scanepals on top frfr
Mar 17, 2019
Minecraft IGN
The obby in deadzone is magical! Well done Top Island, I laughed for sure!! GG to everyone on the list this week, great work!