Cosmic Island Article (#17)

Greetings Cosmonauts!

Welcome to Week #17 of the Cosmic Island Article! This week our $20 Buycraft Coupon Code goes to @GreedySoap for his absolutely amazing and thorough run-through of the weekly updates!

Don't forget that it's the reset this week, so we will want to see all your new Map reactions and all that Day 1 grinding!

How to CosmicSky
@Vortex5674 has, like many of you, posted his season finale- and it was a banger, as always! It's been an absolute blast watching so many of your series this map and we hope that more is coming for Map #6: Odyssey!

Which of you guys is planning on a series for the new Map?

Victory Royale!
@SweetBootieee has put up a video explaining how Zooonies ended up with the /is top 1 when it came to the official reputation being calculated Saturday! This may not be strictly PvP, but they'll for sure be convinced they destroyed all that comp! Congratulations to you all, it was certainly a close call for sure. Can't wait to see what you guys do next map!

Where did you end up on /is top this map? What are your plans for the next map?

It's not all about that hard grind...
@GreedySoap has gone through the weekly update posts from last week and explained everything that has been written down. It's awesome for those of you that just want the skinny on what's gone on that week - can't wait see yours for the new Map details post this week! Woah, you're gonna need a glass of water and keep that voice hydrated!

What was your favorite part of last week's update?

Want to see yourself on this page next week? Want to be in with a chance to get a $20 Buycraft Coupon Code for just playing the game? Let us know! It could be a good Adventure run, a beautiful build on your island that you're proud of, or that elusive god set that you've been taking your time in making! Videos, GIFs, and pictures are all accepted!

Start a conversation with us on the forums here with what you want to show the world, and we can look at including it in the next weeks! Thank you to everyone for their contributions this week, keep it up!