CosmicSky Community Update #001

Greetings Cosmonauts,

It's time for a community update, and our first gameplay LEAK!

We've been extremely impressed with the Cosmic community's response to the announcement of the upcoming CosmicSky network. We love seeing all the activity here on the official forums and over on our @CosmicSkyBlock twitter account.

The team is busy at work constructing and deploying the necessary hardware and software elements to launch the CosmicSky Closed Beta. Although the release date is still not something we are prepared to publicly disclose, we do have your first in-game gameplay leak -- check it out!


Island Alignments?! What could this mean? What kind of perks will be revealed? What implications does your choice have? Discuss!

We would also like to confirm at this time that our Closed Beta will be FREE TO PLAY. You will not need to purchase any kind of "beta pass" item to participate (as long as you are selected as a tester!) once again, to be eligible to be a Closed Beta participant, be sure to follow us on twitter and have an account with a valid Minecraft IGN set in your profile here on the forums!

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for more!


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