CosmicSky Community Update #004

Greetings Cosmonauts,

It's been a while since our last community update! We've been busy busy BUSY finalizing gameplay mechanics and preparing for our highly anticipated Closed Beta phase! Some of you may have noticed some innocuous tweets from @Woofless yesterday as the Closed Alpha is fully underway!

We are also happy to announce that CosmicSky is planning to support the following client versions:
  • 1.7 - 1.13.X
That's right! You will be able to play CosmicSky on the official Cosmic Client! HOWEVER, it is highly recommended that you play on version 1.12 or above in order to get the full experience. Players on lower versions will not be able to interact with or use new blocks, items, weapons, shields, etc! We have ensured that combat is the same irregardless of what client version you are playing on -- it will all feel like the 1.8 combat you know and love!

Today we have some BIG leaks to share with all of you. Also, we are only planning to post one more community update before we open the floodgates for the CosmicSky Closed Beta! So without further delay, behold!

Finally, we are happy to announce that the Closed Beta is scheduled to occur in just a few more weeks in early January 2019!