CosmicSky Forums Rules


Nov 16, 2018
Minecraft IGN
No Advertising
Do not advertise other servers, post links, etc.
Links/references to your personal youtube/twitch account are permitted in your signature and posted under Cosmic Media provided they are Cosmic Related

Racism, Discrimination, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks are not welcome here.
We are an all-inclusive server. Using discriminatory/racist/homophobic or sexual remarks can make players feel unwelcome on the server.

  • Beaner
  • Dow ny
  • Cracker
  • Spic

Respect Players and Staff
Staff are volunteers that are here to ensure things smoothly. They do not have the option of ignoring rule breakers. If you choose to disrespect or disregard them, target them constantly, purposefully make a problem of yourself, are consistently toxic/negative, consistently putting down the server etc., you risk punishment. They are not here to abuse, they are here to keep the server running for everyone. This includes excessive trolling, name calling etc.

No Sexually Inappropriate Material
We are a server for players of all ages. Offering yourself, or pictures of yourself, to any player or staff. Directing sexual gestures and phrases, towards others is not appropriate. This includes inappropriate builds and skins.

Do not Spam or Swear
Double posting, spam threads, and posts including toxic language are not tolerated, doing so may result in a ban.

Selling in-game items / IGN's etc for PayPal or other game items
Players are not permitted to sell in-game items including their Minecraft account on the server for PayPal / Cash or make deals regarding other game modes.

Examples include (but are not limited to):
Selling ranks for CSGO Skins!​
Trading a ranked Minecraft account for in-game items!​

Do not impersonate or use inappropriate forums names
Forums names that are considered inappropriate is not permitted, do not use names that can be racist, sexual or toxic in anyway.

Do not name yourself after someone who is not you, you should use your own IGN or name, not somebody else's.

No bumping/necro-posting
If a thread hasn’t been responded to or is inactive, do not bump the thread unless necessary.

Don't "Like Farm" or "Like Boost"
Like boosting or farming is not permitted, all it does is spam. Don't ask for "Likes" if a player likes your post, they'll hit it themselves.

No really, don't do it, end of story. The amount of spam posts for "likes" etc are not okay, so because it has been abused, giveaways are no longer permitted on the forums.

Banter with style on threads
Pretty self explanatory, if you’re going to banter, do it with style. Making posts that are aggressive towards others is not permitted. If you’d like to share your opinion or banter, do so without breaking any rules. Excessive toxicity, constant / consistently targeting the server or staff, or just overall purposefully trying to create a problem of yourself can result in punishment.

No creating forums alts
Do not create an alternate forums accounts as they are not needed, the only reason a forums alt could be used is to post a forum ban appeal.

Don't boost polls
Do not create an alternate forums accounts to boost polls. Polls are used to get an objective and honest view of what the community voice has to say on a subject. If you are found to be boosting polls you will find yourself removed from the forums.

Use Legible Easy to Read Appropriate Font, Font Color, and Font Size
Do not purposefully use a font that is difficult to read, intended purposefully to annoy players, offensive colors, excessive or minimal sizes. Be appropriate.

Breaking ANY of these rules could result in:
Formal Warnings
Temporary Ban (on any Cosmic Platform)
Permanent Ban (on any Cosmic Platform)
"Spam Cleaning" Your account (removal of all posts)
Execution of forum punishments is up to the Administrators, Owners and Developers.