CosmicSky Permitted & Blacklisted Mods/Clients

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Nov 23, 2018
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Below is a list of commonly asked mods which are PERMITTED. Again, this list isn’t complete and is, as always, subject to change at any time.
Forge is a widely known mod loader. Meaning that its only function is to allow other mods to work. This is allowed because for other mods to work, you must have Forge installed.

Liteloader is another widely known mod loader. Meaning that its only function is to allow other mods (TabbyChat for example) to work. This is allowed because for certain mods to work, you must have Liteloader installed.

Optifine is an optimized version of Minecraft, it is mostly used for boosting FPS, connected textures, and shaders.

Console Client:
This is a lightweight app allowing you to connect to any Minecraft server, send commands and receive text messages in a fast and easy way without having to open the main Minecraft game. This is what players commonly use to AFK large amounts of spawners!
  • You can use the command /join to join the server through the hub on accounts that are on Console Client.

Better Sprint (or Toggle Sneak):
Better Sprint is a mod that makes you able to press a button (and toggle) to sprint and is a very useful addition for PvP and just Minecraft in general. However, it is not banned because it is already sort of in default Minecraft. (You can just press the CRTL button). This is also the same for toggle sneak. Which when you press a button, allows you to start sneaking without holding down the button.

Armor/Potion/Direction Status HUD:
These include, but are not limited to mod packs such as:
  • 5zig
  • bkpkrs
  • InGameInfoXML

Minimaps that do not allow you to see players, mobs, armor, or caves are permitted.

Permitted Minimap's include, but are not limited to:
  • MapWriter
  • Zan's Minimap
  • Journey Map's Fair-Play edition

World Downloader:
World Downloader, as the name suggests, allows you to download the world you are currently in. This can be useful for mimicking a testing environment or to try out a design on your own before building it on the live server.

This mod allows you to display a hologram, loaded from a schematic file, for easier rebuilding. You can also save your creations to schematic files and share them.
(NOTE: The Printer function of this mod is not permitted and will get you banned).

Damage Indicators:
Damage Indicators is a mod that displays the health of another player/mob which is a useful addition for PvP as it shows the hearts of a player while you are in a battle. This mod is permitted because we already have a similar system in place server-side next to the player's nametag.

Tabby Chat:
Tabby Chat is a mod that cleans up the chat system in Minecraft. With features like being able to write lines and it'll send them as two messages and filters which give you the ability to filter chat into different tabs.

Replay Mod:
Replay Mod is a mod which gives players the ability to record their game sessions and replay them from any perspective. It is commonly used by people who record and edit videos on the server.

Bases can be dark sometimes and we understand that. You are permitted to adjust your gamma settings to your liking through your .minecraft or through external mods like GammaBright.

Sky Lighting Fix:
A simple mod used to remove the spread of lighting to increase your fps in most situations.

Account Manager:
Any mod that acts as an account manager, meaning you can easily manage your accounts in-game, is permitted.

Miscellaneous Mods:
Any mods that are just there for cosmetics, for example, Font or Music mods, are permitted because they do not give you any sort of unfair advantage.


Below gives a list of the most commonly asked about mods/clients which are BLACKLISTED on CosmicSky. This is not a complete list and is subject to change at any time.
ANY mod that gives you an advantage over other players would be considered blacklisted and should not be used. For clarification on any other mod please feel free to contact a member of staff.​

Hacked Clients:
Hacked clients such as Vape, Huzuni and many others are strictly forbidden on CosmicSky as they alter your game entirely to an extent. Like every blacklisted mod, you will be permanently banned using any of these.

  • Macros allow you to press a key and it will execute a command, such as clicking P and you will do /eat (Or feed). This is banned because it is not fair to other players as they will still have to eat.
  • Auto-clickers are obvious on what they do, by clicking itself and you not having to do anything, and be lazy. And for all those banned, for this reason, saying "I put a paperweight/something on my spacebar" does not work in an appeal.
  • using "ESC + space" to constantly jump in the air is not permitted and will be taken as macros.
  • This also includes the macros function of 5Zig and Macro Mod.

X-Ray Mods/Texture Packs:
Any mod or texture pack that allows you to XRay, or find Caves is strictly prohibited.

More Particles Mod:
This mod is not permitted because it contains a bug that causes players to double-click, which could result in you being banned.

Has a means to negatively impact other players.

J3 Ultimate:
J3 Ultimate is a blacklisted mod that allows the user advantage specifically with pvp, attacks, and basic physics.

BetterPvP gives you tools such as fast eat, which are not allowed on Cosmic, as it gives an advantage.

Miscellaneous Mods:
Any mod that would be considered to give you an unfair advantage over others, such as Nametags, Tracers, Radar, Auto-Tool, Cave Finder are strictly prohibited.

Schematica (Printer):
Not permitted. However, all other aspects of the Schematica mod are allowed.

Particles Mod:
Not permitted. This mod has a bug that will cause issues with players on multiple servers.

OQMinebot allows players to control accounts through scripting/botting, even if you are using this only as a console client this mod is still not permitted.

Bad Lion (Zonix) Client:
This mod has been blacklisted and is not permitted for use on Cosmic.

Lunar Client:
This mod has been blacklisted and is not permitted for use on Cosmic.

Optic Client (OCMC):
This mod has been blacklisted and is not permitted for use on Cosmic.

NOTE: These lists are subject to change at any time
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