CosmicSky Referral Beta Access Contest

Greetings Cosmonauts!

We want to continue growing the community around this exciting upcoming project, and at the same time start rewarding our most contributing community members. So, today we've added a new feature here on our community forums, referral links!

To make things more fun, this will be the first method we use for Closed Beta Applicant Selection! The forum accounts with the top 100 # of sign-up referrals are guaranteed a spot in our first Closed Beta, scheduled to take place in the next few weeks! Participants in our Closed Beta can also expect to receive some exclusive in-game cosmetic items to signify their "OG-ness" to the project.

You can view the current referral leaderboard here!


Every forum user has a unique referral link they can use to share CosmicSky with their friends. Alternatively, we have added a new field to User Registration that allows new members to designate a "Referrer" when they sign-up. For each unique user that signs up as a result of visiting the website via your referral link, or that inputs your forum account as their "Referrer" will earn you 1 referral point.


We realize that some users will attempt to inflate their referral numbers with fake accounts/sign-ups. We will be manually reviewing and auditing the referrals of the top 100 users and anyone found to be attempting to cheat this system with alt accounts will be disqualified! Additionally, we may require a certain degree of activity on the referred users in order for them to count toward the final tally.

So go fourth and gather your friends, prepare your alliances, and keep getting hyped for this epic upcoming adventure!

Click here to view your unique referral link!


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