Map #5 Reset Announcement

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CosmicSky Map #6 "Odyssey"
Map #5 EOTW:
Wednesday, 18th March 2020 at 4pm CST / 9pm GMT / 7am AEST (Thursday)
Map #6 SOTW: Friday, 20th March 2020 at 2pm CST / 7pm GMT / 5am AEST (Saturday)
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

I know that this announcement post is something that has been anticipated- the rumors have been rampant, but here it is! As always, the full details of what you can expect from Map #6 will be released closer to the time, but for now, here are the basic reset details!

Reset Details
Free Lootboxes
Twitter Giveaways
Reset Details
As previously mentioned, End of the World, or EOTW, will be Wednesday, 18th March 2020 to allow for a smooth transition into the new Map #6 which will start Friday, March 20th, 2020! Speculation related to what you will keep has, as always, been rampant- so I'll put your minds at ease...

Reputation Points
/is top will be calculated Saturday 14th March at 11.45pm CST (going into Sunday) where players will receive Reputation Points depending on their position in the /is top ranking! The amount of points each /is top island will receive is as follows:

/is top #1: Reputation Points +16
/is top #2:
Reputation Points +13
/is top #3:
Reputation Points +10
/is top #4:
Reputation Points +7
/is top #5:
Reputation Points +6
/is top #6:
Reputation Points +5
/is top #7:
Reputation Points +4
/is top #8:
Reputation Points +3
/is top #9:
Reputation Points +2
/is top #10:
Reputation Points +1

NOTE: Players which are members of multiple /is top islands will only receive the points for their highest island.

What will be kept after reset:

  • Ranks
  • Skill Tokens
  • Reputation Points
  • /showcase Contents
  • /skit Unlocks
  • Emotes
  • /trail
  • /color
  • /title
What will be lost after reset:

  • Inventories (such as /pvs, chests, your inventory etc.)
    • Remember to /showcase your treasures that you don't want to lose as we go into Map #6!
  • Your island, including:
    • /is level
    • /is skill levels
    • Unlocks, such as Farming Recipes
  • Cash Balance
  • Adventure Map Unlocks
  • Pending Lootboxes, Adventure Maps and Lucky Blocks in /confirm
  • /skit tier level ups
  • Item /skins
  • Slot Bot Credits

Starting Sunday 15th March
carnage will commence! Carnage is a fun and exciting in-game event that signifies the end of Map #5 and is the perfect way for us all to say goodbye! We use this time to celebrate, remember the fun times, and to prepare ourselves for the next map- Map #6: Odyssey!

Free Lootboxes
Carnage Events
During Carnage, we'll be hosting a series of events where everyone is able to participate! These events include Trivia's, back-to-back Battle Royale's and Skywars, Admin Cat n' Mouse chases, Lootbox "give all"s, and exclusive Admin items. These events will be completely random, lasting approx. 1-2 hours starting at the following times:​
Sunday, March 15th - 5am CST / 10am GMT / 8pm AEST​
Sunday, March 15th - 2pm CST / 7pm GMT / 5am AEST (Monday)​
If you need to convert the above times into your timezone, please use this!
EOTW Event
EOTW is a big deal, and we want to go out with a BANG!​
Starting Wednesday, March 18th at 3.30pm CST some strange forces will come into play to make sure we say goodbye to Map #5 properly! Be prepared for massacre and full destruction! Remember to /showcase your items you want to keep before the event as we cannot guarantee you'll be able to do it once the event has begun!​
Twitter Giveaways
From now, until Map #6 begins, we'll be doing some exclusive leaks and giveaways over on the Official CosmicSky Twitter! Head over there and follow us to make sure you don't miss out on the awesome giveaways!


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Jun 24, 2019
Minecraft IGN
FFS. Next time shut your mouth about “longest season”. Holy **** our island got fucked on pretty hard.
Wasted hours of grind just for reset to happen sooner than expected.


Jun 4, 2019
Minecraft IGN
Doesn't change the fact that hours and hours of grind gone for nothing.
Could of grind Island XP rather than slaying for days.
Island xp is a part of slayer. A reset was imminent even if it was a week later you wouldn’t have had enough time to unlock enderman. Exp is something that probably should of never stopped being grinded...
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