Nadelia's Coming Back

Jul 24, 2019
Minecraft IGN
Hey, some of you may or may have not remember me I played in map 2 and 3 of Cosmic Sky.
My Usernames: Nadelia , ItsNadelia or now currently known as Nadel1a

If you played on Cosmic Sky or Prison you may have known me as GappleGirl before from 2015-2017.

I used to record on here "Nadelia" my Youtube or maybe you seen me stream before on twitch "itsnadelia"

Either way i'm planning to come back since I heard the map reset I heard Cosmic Sky added some new things to spice things up. If anyone would like to fill in on what's new or any new items that would be great.

Also if anyone could invite me to a Island that would always be wonderful :)