Patch Notes (v1.0.1)

Greetings Cosmonauts!

We are over 72 hours into the release of CosmicSky and so far it has been a blast! We really appreciate all of the feedback you guys are giving. The developers have been diligently working to smash those bugs you guys have been reporting, they've also added some additional features as well! Here are some of the changes that have taken place within the last 72 hours.

Updates and New Features!
Island Top
/is who
Permission Blocks
Combat Loggers

Island Top
We've heard your suggestions and implemented the ability to see a breakdown of Island wealth. Whenever you hover over an island on /is top it will show you the breakdown, so you can see what exactly those top islands are spending their hard earned cash on!

/is who
We know that you guys have been wanting a way to see which islands you and other players are apart of, now all you have to do is /is who <IGN> to see which islands a player is apart of.

Permission Blocks
We have now added two additional options to permission blocks, the first lets players Harvest Resource Nodes and the second makes the region a Public Region.

Combat Loggers
We saw how annoying it could be when players would in a fight, run out of pots, then kite until they were out of combat while pvping in /adventure. As a result, we have now made it so If an enemy/neutral player logs out within 16 blocks of you while you are in /adventure it will now spawn a combat logger wherever they were standing for 15 seconds.

Bug Fixes, Patches, and Tweaks
  • Added /faction, /f, /gang, /g all as aliases of /alliance.
  • Cobblestone Stairs are now on the shop
  • Frontend changes to the following:
    • /adventure
    • /ah
    • /combine
    • /enchanter
    • /is slayer
    • /origin
  • Mitigated a bug which caused Tier 5 players to get taxed while doing coinflips
  • Mitigated a bug which caused [ITEM] to display incorrect alliance colors
  • Mitigated a bug which caused coinflip notifications to re-enable when a player re-logged
  • Mitigated a bug which caused permission blocks to wipe on server reboot
  • Mitigated a bug which caused players /pv's to not sync properly
  • Mitigated a bug which caused players /toggles to not persist between servers
  • Mitigated a bug which caused players on 1.13 to get kicked periodically
  • Mitigated a bug which caused players to be a member of multiple alliances
  • Non-ranked players now have the proper permission setup
  • Permission Blocks can no longer overlap with each other.
  • You are now required to have the Lost Wasteland map before you can redeem the Demonic Realm map
  • You can no longer /is ban Administrators
  • You can no longer do /is sethome below y:0
  • You can now sell dark oak logs
  • You can now view & cancel all of your active /ah listings from your collection bin
  • You can now view multiple pages on /is list
  • You now get a notification the first time you place a Mob Spawner in a session


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