Patch Notes (v1.0.10) Collection chests, Refined ores

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

What an outstanding week we've all had! It's been awesome watching you all giving that pesky Plague Doctor a run for his money (& loot!), seeing how your islands are progressing and having a sneak peek at some of the awesome and unique builds you're making! We have been busy working on more updates, adjustments and additions for you all to enjoy. Let's get to it!

/is level 20
Refined Ores
Craftable Resource Nodes
Collection Chests
Science Shop
Easter Eggs
Demonic Realm mob nerfs
40% OFF Sale

/is level 20
This week sees the introduction of the second Science island level - /is level 20! We know you're gonna absolutely love what this level brings you!

To be one of the first to secure yourselves /is level 20 you'll not only need some money and science blocks, but you'll also need to get using those Auto Crafters. To unlock /is level 20 you will need:
  • $50,000,000
  • 32 Science Blocks
  • 1,000 items crafted using an AutoCrafter
For this though, you'll also be granted the fantastic perks of:
  • Spawner Limit being raised to 5750
  • Island Radius expanding to 100 blocks
  • The ability to place Collection Chests
  • The ability to smelt Unrefined Iron and Diamond

Refined Blocks
As great as it is that you can use iron and diamond to craft armor, weapons and tools, you're all probably over that now. So we're bringing you another way to use them! Refined ores are going to be the basis of some awesome craftable items - this week's amazing craftable item is Iron and Diamond Resource Nodes!

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of the Resource Nodes, let's explain how you can create Refined Ores!

Refined Iron Blocks

  • Take 64 Iron ingots and place into a crafting window
    • This will make 1 Unrefined Iron Block
    • Smelt Unrefined Iron Blocks in a furnace - 1 Unrefined Iron Block smelts into 1 Refined Iron Block
Refined Diamond Blocks

  • Take 64 diamonds and place into a crafting window
    • This will make 1 Unrefined Diamond Block
    • Smelt Unrefined Diamond Blocks in a furnace - 1 Unrefined Diamond Block smelts into 1 Refined Diamond Block

Craftable Resource Nodes
Don't adjust your screens folks, you did read that right - we're giving you the ability to craft your own Iron and Diamond Resource Nodes!

The process, once you've made your Refined blocks of choice is very simple:
  • For Iron Resource Nodes - place 16 Refined Iron Blocks into your crafting grid to make 1 Iron Resource Node
  • For Diamond Resource Nodes - place 16 Refined Diamond Blocks into your crafting grid to make 1 Diamond Resource Node

Collection Chests
Got an island full of hopper chains? Forgot about collecting the items from your farms when making them start at y=0? Want to keep your chests full of crops on the same floor, regardless of what level the farms are? Collection chests are here to solve all those issues and more!

Purchasable from the Science category in /shop for 1 Science Block each, Collection Chests gather items in the chunk which they're placed in. You are able to select which items you want to collect.

  • There are three main categories to select to collect: Farming, Mining and Grinding
  • The collection chest only collects from the chunk that it's placed in, and only from items that are dropped/mined in that chunk only.
    • Manual and Automatic farms that break the crops in that chunk only
    • Ore nodes that are mined in that chunk only
    • Mobs that are killed in that chunk only
    • NOTE: You cannot push items into the chunk to collect with the collection chest
  • You are only able to collect one item at a time, selectable by shift right-clicking the chest once it is placed.
  • When placing multiple layers on collection chests, it will prioritise from the lowest Y level one first, and work its way up
  • You can place collection chests regardless of the Y level of what you wish to collect: You can have a melon farm at y=0 but have collection chests at y=200 as long as they are in the same chunk

Science Shop
A new section in the /shop - especially for Science items. There's a slight difference with this shop though: you don't use in-game cash to purchase the items - you need to spend Gold Science Blocks.

Currently, Auto Miners, Auto Crafters and Collection chests are available to purchase from this shop. Though when more items related to Science is added, they'll be added to the shop then!

Lootbox: Easter Basket
Hippety-hop, it's that time of the year again where the Easter Bunny comes to visit to hide some eggs in mysterious places. Make sure you grab one of these lootboxes before they burrow away - they're only available for the weekend!

When you open this you'll be given 3 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the Jackpot Items. You'll also receive the 2 bonus items guaranteed.

Easter Eggs
You might have noticed from the lootbox that we've managed to get some Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny. Simple throw these to crack them open and see what loot you can get!

Easter Eggs have a chance of dropping from rabbits when you kill them - so get your grind on!

Demonic Realm mob nerfs
We've heard all your complaints about the mobs in the Demonic Realm adventure and have spent a long time this week working to make them, and the adventure, a lot more manageable for you all.

  • Demonic Realm mobs now have significantly less health
  • Demonic Realm mobs now do significantly less damage to players
Keep posting suggestions and ideas on how we can make areas like Adventures better. Whilst we don't always reply to the suggestions, we definitely read it often!

Here are some QUALITY (of life) changes we've made recently:
  • Blaze rods are now sellable
  • The amount of EXP that blazes drop has been significantly increased
  • Corrupt Chorus Fruit will sell for $35,000/ea rather than $10,000
  • The number of potatoes harvested required to unlock the Poisonous Potato recipe has been reduced from 5,000,000 to 2,000,000
  • Socketed pickaxes are able to be found in /adventures now

40% OFF Sale
You guys, the community, are egg-cellent - no-bunny compares to you! To make up for the awful Easter-based puns, we're offering a SMASHING 40% OFF Sale across everything on the server store, for this weekend only. Hop to it whilst you can; That's all yolks! Sorry, I couldn't help myself- I know I'm not punny...


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