Patch Notes (v1.0.11) Teleport Pads, Auto Planters

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

What a smashing Easter weekend we all had with the Easter Egg hunt! Once again, you all surpassed our expectations and came up with some fantastic ways to get your hands on those elusive eggs. Hopefully, you've got some chocolate left so you can settle down with it whilst you have a read of this weeks update...

Teleport Pads
Auto Planters
New Enchant
Elite Undead nerfs
Elite and Boss loot buffs
/is level up chat notifications
/is top hover over
Added missing items to shop
25% OFF Sale

Teleport Pads
WOOOOOOOSH! OFF YOU GO... and so are items! Teleport pads are here to revolutionize your islands! Available as a new addition to /is level 19, you're going to be absolutely mental to not want these and they're an absolute STEAL at only 2 gold blocks per set from the Science /shop!

Once you've purchased your teleport pad you can go ahead and set these up
  • You'll take the teleport pad and place it down in the first location. You'll keep the block in your hand and be prompted to place the second block
  • Go to the second location and place it down. The teleportation block will be taken from your inventory at this point

Once the teleport pads have been placed down, you're able to right click one and you'll get a message in your chat to show where the other linked pad is.
On shift and rightclick, you'll be given a GUI menu which you can use to customise how you use your teleport pads!
  • Teleport players - Toggle teleporting players from this Teleport pad
  • Teleport items - Toggle teleporting items from this Teleport pad
  • Particles - Toggle if a particle plays when an item or player travels through the teleport pad
  • Blacklist/Whitelist - Items inside the filter will NOT be picked up / Items inside the filter will be the ONLY items that are picked up
  • Blacklist/Whitelist Filter - Click to edit the items inside of the selected filter type

That's right - not only are players able to be teleported about your islands using Teleport pads, but items are as well! So not only could you use them as checkpoints in parkour areas, but you could use them in your automation setups with your farms, Auto Miners, Auto Crafters and more, just like we've shown above!

Auto Planters
Another level for automation - auto planters have been added to /is level 20! Fill up their inventory with the crops that you want to have auto-plant and it will go ahead and do that for you! Once the crops have grown and you've harvested them, the Auto Planter will replant for you! You can get your hands on these from the Science /shop for just 2 Science blocks!

There are ways in which you can upgrade this:
  • Radius - The radius in which the bot will scan looking for farmland
    • Minimum 2x2x2
    • Maximum 7x7x7
  • Replant Interval - The delay the bot waits in between each planting interval
    • Minumum 60 seconds
    • Maximum 2 seconds
  • Replant Per Interval - The amount of seeds the bot will replant each interval
    • Minimum 1 Crop
    • Maximum 16 Crops
  • Inventory Size - The size of the bots inventory
    • Minimum 9 Slots
    • Maximum 54 Slots

There are a few important things to note about Auto Planting Bots
  • Sugar cane can not be planted
  • Melon and Pumpkins CAN be planted, but once the stalk has been planted there is no need to replant this!
  • Auto Planters can hold more than one crop to plant, and will do so in the order in which it's placed in the internal inventory.
  • Farms need to be set up according to vanilla aspects. For example: water is still needed to keep the soil hydrated, and netherwart and chorus have specific blocks they need to be planted on.
  • When harvesting the chorus fruit, you still need to mine the flowers at the top first and the Auto Planter will use those to replant with.

Lootbox: Sunny Days
The days are getting longer and the nights shorter. I don't know about you, but the warmer weather and the sun just makes me feel happier. This week's lootbox also makes me pretty happy! It's full of a bunch of awesome goodies. Snap it up whilst it's about - it's only here for the weekend!

When you open this you'll be given 3 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the Jackpot Items. You'll also receive the 2 bonus items guaranteed.

New Enchant
Once again, we've been listening to you guys and know that you want a better way to 1-shot those tougher spawner mobs. This week we're helping you!

Introducing: Mob Aura
Available from only Adventure Elites and Bosses, with the tier of the enchant dropping relative to the level of the Adventure you're fighting.
  • Abandoned Ruins will drop stone gems
  • Lost Wastelands will drop iron gems
  • Demonic Realm will drop diamond gems

Mob Aura
Boss Enchant
Max Level: 4
Axe Enchant
Increase damage dealt to Mob Spawner mobs.​

Elite Undead nerfs
Following on from the Demonic Realm mob nerfs, we've also taken the time to give the Elite Undeads a nerf too
  • They deal considerably less durability damage
  • They deal considerably less outgoing damage
  • The health of the Elites have been considerably reduced
  • Their speed has been considerably reduced

Elite and Boss loot buffs
The Gold Ore Resource Fragments drop chance has been buffed for:
  • Lost Wastelands Elites
  • Demonic Realm Elites
  • As well as the Lost Wastelands boss

/is level up chat notifications
When you level up your /is level, a notification comes up in public chat so everyone can see and congratulate you!

/is top hover over
Now, when you do /is top you'll be able to see what /is level they are when you hover over it! The monetary value that you've obtained from /is level ups has been removed.

Added missing items to shop
There has been many suggestions on additional blocks/items that should be able to be bought/sold from /shop. We've been playing close attention to this, and have added
  • Bones are now able to be sold to /shop
  • Green concrete powder is able to be bought
  • Chiseled and Pillar Quartz is able to be bought
  • Wooden buttons are able to be bought
  • Iron bars are able to be bought
If you have any other blocks which you feel are missing, feel free to message a member of staff ingame or leave a suggestion on our forums and we'll look into getting those added. Though, not all items will be able to be added, we will do our best to add as many as possible!

25% OFF Sale
Phew! It's been another busy one this week. You guys never stop amazing us with the ingenious ways in which you use the tools we give you, and I can't wait to see all the different ways you can use those Teleport Pads! We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and to make it even better we're giving you all 25% OFF everything on the server store for this weekend only!


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Feb 23, 2019
Minecraft IGN
I hope ya'll realize the amount of times u need to open dubs of chests in order to just farm for is lvl 20 not including the money needed for the farms itself. You need a total of 102,062 dubs of pumpkins thats including the pirate 10% sell increase, just to get is lvl 20 from start meaning an extra 10k dubs if u dont have pirate. then double that number thats the amount of times u need to open a dub to clean it out fully as your inv is smaller than a dub. Then include how many times u need to /sell hand over and over.
Dec 2, 2018
Minecraft IGN
I love how they are just adding more and more late game aspect to try and retain the playerbase but all the majority of the playerbase wants at this time is a reset. Also these recent additions are so beyond the cost range of 95% of the people on the server that they will never get used, regardless of the fact that they are pretty much useless anyway.
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