Patch Notes (v1.0.12) Fishing!

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Well, doesn't time fly! We're already in May - I can't believe it! This weeks update is a good'un and something we're so excited to bring you. So buckle up and get ready to read what we've got instore for you this week!

/is fishing
Science access from /is level 12
Battle Royale lootbag edits
Bug Fix, QOL and Update Recap
30% OFF Sale

/is fishing
A new /is skill to keep you occupied - fishing! Not only can you level up your /is fishing level but level up your fishing pole to give you access to better fish and a greater chance of some Treasure!

There are no level restrictions for starting this skill and you are able to purchase fishing rods from /shop to get started!

Fishing Basics
There are four levels to /is fishing:
  • Trout
    • No requirements
  • Salmon
    • Requires:
      • 5000 Trout Caught
      • Level 20+ Fishing Rod
  • Clownfish
    • Requires:
      • 50,000 Trout Caught
      • 25,000 Salmon Caught
      • Level 50+ Fishing Rod
  • Pufferfish
    • Requires:
      • 75,000 Salmon Caught
      • 150,000 Clownfish Caught
      • Level 75+ Fishing Rod
Levelling up your fishing rod!
It's really quite simple: FISH! Each time you successfully catch a fish or an item of treasure, your fishing rod gains XP. Gain enough XP and your fishing rod will level up! You are able to purchase your fishing rod from the NEW fishing section in /shop!

When you level up your fishing rod:
  • It increases catch chance
  • It increases treasure chance
  • It unlocks the ability to hook higher tiered fish:
    • Level 20: Salmon
    • Level 50: Clownfish
    • Level 75: Pufferfish
  • When you level up your fishing rod to catch the next fish, it changes to:
    • Stone: level 1-49
    • Iron: level 50-74
    • Diamond: level 75-99
  • The max level of a fishing rod is 99!
  • You are able to repair fishing rods with /fix, or the appropriate level repair scroll

Science access from /is level 12
Science is amazing, and we wanted to give more of you access to it! So from /is level 12, you're going to be able to place down a select amount of Science machines, starting with Teleport Pads. As your level up your /is level you will be able to unlock different Science machines, and in greater quantities, until you hit the /is level in which you are able to place an unlimited amount down.

Now, this isn't full access - you're not going to be able to purchase them from the Science /shop. However, there will be ways of obtaining them in-game through Battle Royale. And, of course, you could always ask someone who is /is level 19 and above to purchase them for you - though I can't guarantee what price they'll charge!

NOTE: The amount shown below is the maximum of each type that you'll be able to place per /is level.

/is level 12:
  • 1x Teleport Pad

/is level 13:
  • 1x Auto Planter Bot

/is level 14:
  • 2x Collection Chests

/is level 15:
  • 1x Auto Crafting Bot

/is level 16:
  • 4x Teleport Pads
  • 4x Collection Chests
  • 2x Auto Planter Bots
  • 2x Auto Crafting Bots

/is level 17:
  • 8x Teleport Pads
  • 8x Collection Chests
  • 4x Auto Planter Bots
  • 4x Auto Crafting Bots
/is level 18
  • 16x Teleport Pads
  • 16x Collection Chests
  • 8x Auto Planter Bots
  • 8x Auto Crafting Bots

As mentioned above, the Science machine will be unlocked for full, unlimited access when you reach the relevant /is level:

/is level 19
  • Teleport Pads
  • Auto Crafting Bots
/is level 20
  • Collection Chests
  • Auto Planting Bots
And, as a reminder, you will have access to purchase these from the Science /shop for the specific amount of Science Gold Blocks from /is level 19!

Battle Royale lootbag edits
Now that Science machines can be placed on islands from /is level 12, but without access to the Science shop until /is level 19, we've made changes to the Battle Royale Lootbag to include:
  • Teleport pads
  • Collection Chests
  • Auto Planting Bots
  • Auto Crafting Bots
So, go on out there and get winning those Battle Royale!

Lootbox: May Day
It's that time of year where we all find May Poles, grab a ribbon, shake our bells and have a good ol' dance! Lootbox: May Day has all the bells and whistles that you could ever ask for from a lootbox, so let's take a look at what's on offer this week!

When you open this you'll be given 3 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the Jackpot Items. You'll also receive the 2 bonus items guaranteed.

Bug Fix, QOL and Update Recap
It's been a while since we've done one of these, but here's a reminder about what we've achieved in the recent weeks with Cosmic Sky.

Bug Fixes
  • Frontend changes to /battleroyale
  • Frontend changes to /combine
  • Frontend changes to /fly
  • Frontend changes to /is list
  • Frontend changes to /skills
  • Frontend changes to Outpost Notifications
  • Frontend changes to YouTube and Twitch Rank
  • Mitigated a bug which allowed Zombies to "phase" through blocks while you were grinding them
  • Mitigated a bug which caused XP Bottles to be thrown instead of redeeming on right-click
  • Mitigated a bug which caused balances over 10+ bil to incorrectly track
  • Mitigated a bug which caused players taking fire damage to have their overload hearts reset
  • Mitigated a bug which caused players to be stuck transferring into Battle Royale
  • Mitigated a bug which caused the Scoreboard to incorrectly update your balance
  • Mitigated a bug which did not give 5th place Battle Royale Players loot
  • Mitigated a bug with 1.12 which caused players to get TP'd to a new location on login
  • Mitigated a bug with Flight Orbs which caused you to lose charges when using them at spawn
  • Mitigated an exploit which allowed players to return to an island they were kicked from
  • Mitigated an exploit which allowed players to craft any tier Armor while in Adventure
  • Mitigated an exploit which allowed players to enter the outpost with any type of armor
  • Mitigated an exploit which allowed players to piston push blocks outside of their island radius
  • Mitigated inconsistencies with /feed cooldown
  • Mitigated various bugs related to /coinflip
  • Mitigated various bugs related to /gemforge
  • Mitigated various bugs related to crafting and converting Coal/Iron/Diamond blocks
  • Mitigated various bugs related to the Overload enchantment
  • You can no longer ban admins from your island
  • You can no longer destroy AutoMiners when a Permission Block has "Damage Entities" enabled
  • You can no longer sneak into islands you are banned from

  • Battle Royale capacity has had changes, demand dependent
  • Battle Royale Dual Wield Poll to remove dual wield from Battle Royale
  • Battle Royale Build Edits to flatten the mid area
  • Adventure Elite mob nerfs
  • Adventure Boss nerfs
  • Adventure Elites and Boss loot table buffs
  • Carrot Recipes have been made more common in the Abandoned Ruins adventure
  • Flight orbs have had their activation more user-friendly by needing to be shift and right-clicked
  • Blaze rods were added to /shop
  • Blazes now drop more XP
  • Potatoes required to unlock poisonous potatoes was reduced from 5 million to 2 million
  • Corrupt Chorus Fruit price buff to $35,000 from $10,000
  • Socketed pickaxes are now able to be found in adventures
  • /is top hover over amended to include /is level
  • Added missing and wanted items to /shop
  • /is level chat notifications
  • Tutorial island is now accessible through /is warp IslandHelp
  • The weekly updates will be able to be seen in action at /is warp WeeklyUpdate

Updates that we've added
  • Science, including
    • Gold ore nodes
    • Teleport pads
    • Auto Crafters
    • Auto Planters
    • Collection chests
    • /is level 19 and 20
    • Craftable resource nodes
  • Adventure Elites
  • Outposts
  • Creator codes and Creator ranks
  • Adventure Elite Mobs
  • Adventure Bosses
    • Bandit King in Abandoned Ruins
    • Plague Doctor in Lost Wastelands
  • Totem of Undying
  • Jackpot
  • New Enchants
    • Mob Aura
    • Infectious
    • Bleed
    • Gem Finder
    • Shockwave
    • Danger Closer
    • Boss Slayer
    • Last Stand
    • Spiked
    • Armor Rot
  • Universal Enchant Bundle
  • Easter Eggs and the Easter Egg hunt!

30% OFF Sale
We know this week we've overloaded you some fantastic updates that you can explore and play with, but that doesn't stop us from giving you a 30% OFF sale across everything on the server store. It's just for this weekend only, so make sure you take advantage of it whilst you can!


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Closed Beta Tester
Dec 18, 2018
Minecraft IGN
I honestly think cosmic is going down the right path. From what I understood from the outpost change, chain can no longer to to iron & dia, and iron can no longer go to dia, however I may just be misunderstanding it. If this is true, it solves so much about the armor disparity. Plus, more content is being added. Next season, when the server isn’t dead (because of the reset), I am sure adventures will be much more enjoyable and worth doing. As well as the addition of fishing, new recipes, & science, I believe the game will appeal to players for longer. However I still see a glaring problem... When adventures aren’t dead, and there is going to be comp, adventures 2 & 3 will be full of chains killing anyone who’s one diamond or iron... The “solution” for right now is to flood the server with brokenly overpowered gear from loot boxes, so making a gset normally is obsolete. Although this kind of works, it’s a waste of content and it needs to be fixed. Why would you make a dia prot 3 sharp 4, 1 socket diamond gset with over 1b if you can just get prot 4 3 socket maxed for under that price? It simply doesn't make sense and it seems like a easy solution.

Overall I like where cosmic is going, Woofless’s new video kind of explained what was happening; I’m surprised I didn’t realize it earlier. It makes a lot of sense. Recently there has been a trend of games releasing unfinished, or unrefined and as time goes by they improve the game. I can list a few examples like The Division, and Destiny. And that makes sense, there’s a reason they are relatively successful, however I didn’t expect this sort of thing to be on a Minecraft server. I don’t know why, however, as it makes the most sense on a Minecraft server. It literally RESETS every once in a while, and that’s the perfect opportunity to improve the game, is to introduce things as time goes by so each progressing season gets better and better. For a moment, I thought cosmic was lost. I mean diamond gear was and is still 250 times more expensive to make conventionally then chain, and chorus & netherwart is still bad, but I trust that they know what they are doing. Don’t let us down lol


Closed Beta Tester
Nov 22, 2018
Minecraft IGN
my fishing rod is level 12 and almost broken, how do i get it to higher levels?
You fix your rod with repair scrolls of its level, 1-49? I think is stone then iron till like 75 or 80 and dia till max at 99, not 100% on the exact levels
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