Patch Notes (v1.0.3)

Greetings Cosmonauts!

What a week it's been- we've been keeping an eye on everyone's progress and are ASTOUNDED at some of the amazing farms, builds, and grinders you've all started making. Along with the hard work that you're all putting in, our developers continue to fix bugs as fast as you're putting them in AS WELL as finding time to add new content. Phew! Time to find a quiet, soft corner to curl up in whilst you all read this week's update...

The Piston Update
Safe PvP
Mob Spawner Fragments
/enchanter and /anvil Island Limitations
[island] and [iswarp]
Tutorial Island
Bug fixes & QOL
20% OFF Sale

Lootbox: Survival
Following on from the success of last weeks lootbox, we have yet another outstanding offering this week. Check this out...

When you open this you'll be given 3 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the Jackpot Items. You'll also receive the 2 bonus items guaranteed.

As previous, you are able to purchase 3 per account for the duration that it's available. Go grab yourself one from the Server Store before they're gone!

The Piston Update
This week some optimization has occurred with pistons and their effect on the server as a whole. There's been a touch of confusion regarding the current way in which pistons work, and the cap that has been imposed, so I thought I'd take the time to explain things for those that need that clarification.

Pistons were proving very popular within the community, and some of the farms were huge! Unfortunately, the server wasn't quite as fond of pistons as you guys seemed to be. We were noticing definite drops in TPS, which would only be getting worse when more of you started getting to the automated farm stage. Had we let it continue the way that it was, your experience on CosmicSky wouldn't be anywhere near as smooth as you've come to expect.

So what's the skinny?
  • There is no piston placement limit per chunk
  • Only 100 piston push events may occur per chunk, per second.
We're aware that this has been a little frustrating for those that had big farms set up, but quite a few of you have certainly taken the challenge on board, thanks for your patience and understanding whilst we continue to keep making adjustments to make it the best server it can be for you!
p.s I hear slime blocks can be quite useful in farms - one piston can push a total of 11 slime blocks (5 in each direction, plus the one that it's attached to) :thinking:

Safe PvP
Yet another fantastic addition to Permission blocks - Safe PvP! Create an area on your island where you can challenge your friends or enemies to see who's the best of the best. The great thing about this is that when you die, you don't lose your inventory! Remember, you're going to need to enable Public Region in your permission blocks!

Mob Spawner Fragments
We have a new and exciting way to get mob spawners! When you're grinding mobs on your island, there is a rare chance for the mobs to drop a Spawner Shard of the type you're killing amongst their loot. Once you have 9 of any one type, combine these in your inventory crafting window and you'll get a spawner!

/enchanter and /anvil Island Limitations
If you have access to the /enchanter and /anvil commands, you are now only able to use these commands on islands that you have been added to, provided their /is levels have unlocked to allow this.

[island] and [iswarp] commands!
A much easier and cleaner way to allow you to advertise your islands, and allow people to visit or use a warp to your island! Just pop a message in the desired chat channel and players will be able to click to teleport!

The Tutorial Island
For those who are new to anything Skyblock related, we have the answer- The Tutorial Island. Lovingly put together by @ypperin and @LDram- this island not only looks great but has pretty much all the information you could want to progress through in your CosmicSky adventure!

Head over there now to /is warp ypperin to see what new information you can find!

Bug Fixes
  • The Vex in /adventure 3 have had a talking to- they accept their fate is inevitable, and their AI has been fixed
  • You are now able to enter /adventure 2 with an Iron Bow
  • Chorus Fruit should now be correctly displayed as obtainable in /adventure 3 GUI
  • If you have no rank, you are no longer able to apply skill tokens
  • Fixed a typo in the /tpahere message
  • Fixed a typo when you attempted to /home to an island that you're not accessed to
  • Baby Zombies have been banished from mob spawning
  • Axes with sockets were being hidden by those pesky bandits, but will now be available to loot in adventure chests!
  • 2nd and 3rd ranks now have the correct number of homes
  • When running /a list you are now able to see more than one page with the correct member count
  • Mitigated a bug where players /is top value did not update if no nodes/spawners were placed
  • Mitigated a bug where players were unable to /fix items which had 0 durability
  • Mitigated a bug where pistons refused to break sugar cane.
  • Mitigated a bug where overriding a /home with a new /sethome would not save the new location
  • Mitigated a bug where placing permission blocks below zero consumed the item but created the region regardless

  • When running the command /is members, the owner of the island is shown to correctly identify whos island you're visiting
  • /ci no longer clears the armor that is currently equipped
  • /alliance info now displays online and offline players
  • Enchantment gems will now display what item they can be applied to (armor/weapon/specific)
  • You are now able to withdraw money notes easier! Just add k for thousands, or m for millions- i.e /withdraw 1m or /withdraw 750k
  • The /teamspeak command is available in-game to give you information on how to download and where to connect to talk to us
  • You are able to /toggle break particles off, to help improve FPS.

20% OFF Sale

Another amazing week for CosmicSky! Your enthusiasm and dedication has us buzzing. So much so that we're already thinking about end game content and some potential ways for competitive PvP to be introduced... You'll have to keep an eye out on here for more details in the upcoming weeks! For now, though, enjoy a mouth-watering 20% OFF all items on our Server store for THIS WEEKEND ONLY!
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I bought Rank 5 earlier today around 9 EST at full retail but now a few hours later it’s 20% off is there any way I can get credit or the difference refunded?

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