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Greetings Cosmonauts!

WOW! Outposts have proven to be an absolute hit with you all. Yet again, it's been another busy week behind the scenes at Cosmic Sky and we're delighted to bring you even more content! Our offerings this week should be ticking a lot of boxes for you all!

Adventure Elite Mobs
Adventure Bosses
New Enchants
Totem of Undying
Battle Royale: Dual Wield Poll
Battle Royale: Build Edits
20% OFF Sale

Adventure Elite Mobs
All three adventures are about to get even more spicier! The bandits have called in reinforcements for their precious chests, and Elite mobs have joined in the battle! Recognizable by their bolded name above their head, grab your friends and head to Adventures to see one of these for yourself!

Some more information about Elite mobs:
  • Elite mobs have a chance to spawn in place of one of the bandits protecting chests with higher tier loot inside
  • Their spawning chance is rare
  • They drop high-tier loot and large amounts of EXP when they're killed, regardless of your rank or /skill unlock
  • If you kill enough Elite mobs, you will summon the Adventure-specific Boss Mob!
The Elite mobs have their own special ability, dependent on the Adventure they spawn in:
  • Abandoned Ruins: Knockback- A chance to knockback the player that it is currently targetting
  • Lost Wastelands: Bite- This infects the target player with the Zombie virus. If they die before leaving the adventure, a legendary mob will spawn on their corpse, gives Poison II for 2 minutes.
  • Demonic Realm: Curse- Sets a players HP to 1 10s after it is proc'd on them

Adventure Bosses
It's not only Elite mobs that have made their way to Adventures, but Bosses are making their way too! All three Adventures will be getting their own custom Boss, with Abandoned Ruins having theirs added this week! The other two bosses will be making their way in the coming weeks...

What you need to know about bosses:
  • Bosses spawn once every 4 hours, or when enough Elite mobs of that Adventure tier have been killed (although, no sooner than 2 hours)
  • A notification in global chat will appear 1 minute before the boss spawns and it will provide the coordinates of where to find it. HINT: Try mid!
  • These are HARD, completely custom-coded Bosses that have their own set of abilities which you'll have to learn the strategies for
  • If any boss gets pulled away from their spawn location, they will return and gain 10% health each time
  • Each Boss has their own Armor Set, with a chance to drop a single piece of it each time it's killed
  • Each Boss also has its own custom enchant that is ONLY available from killing the boss
The Bandit King!
The Abandoned Ruins boss has turned up and is ready to fight!
He has three special abilities which you're gonna need to beat before you can reap the rewards:
  • Call reinforcements- Spawns 3-5 high-tier bandits around him
  • Bleed- Afflicts target players with a powerful DoT (damage over time)
  • Cleave- Damages all players in an AOE around him, dealing massive knockback and inflicting bleed
He can be found near the Castle in the middle of the Adventure.

Custom Boss-only Enchants
It appears that the Bandit King wasn't very smart, and has imbued some weapons with his Bleed effect - allowing this to be our first custom Boss enchant this week.

For the incredibly rare chance to grab yourself a weapon with this enchant on, keep an eye in chat for notifications of when the Boss has spawned, or go Elite hunting to make it come out of the shadows!

Sword Enchant
Max Level: 6​
Boss Tier​
NOTE: Boss tier enchants are ONLY available as a chance of dropping as loot when you kill the boss itself.

New Enchants
To celebrate the introduction of Elite mobs and Bosses in Adventure, here's another handful of enchants add onto the Bleed boss enchant to help you prepare for the new battles!

Chestplate Enchant
Max Level: 5​
A chance to knockback your attacker​

Danger Close
Sword Enchant
Max Level: 5​
The closer you are to the enemy monster, the more damage you will deal. However, if you are more than 2.5 blocks away, you will deal LESS damage than normal​

Boss Slayer
Axe Enchant
Max Level: 3​
Deal increased damage to Elite and Boss mobs​

Lootbox: King Sized
A HUGE offering for the Lootbox this week - absolutely full to the brim and bursting with amazing loot! Remember, it's about for this weekend only - so grab it whilst you can!


When you open this you'll be given 3 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the Jackpot Items. You'll also receive the 2 bonus items guaranteed.

Totem of Undying
We've all wanted a way to cheat death and here it is - the Totem of Undying.

How does it work?
  • The totem can be ANYWHERE in your inventory - in your hotbar, or in the main body of your inventory
  • Any damage which would ordinarily kill you consumes the totem of undying and restores you to full health
  • You can keep on grinding those Adventures!
  • It is currently only obtainable through this week's Lootbox, and I heard word that Adventure Bosses might have got hold of some!

Wagering your money against others in Coin Flips is something that you're all loving, so here's another way to satisfy that urge - Jackpot!

Some of you may be familiar with the way that it works already, but for those that have been asleep here are some key points:
  • To enter /jackpot you need to type /jackpot buy <numberOfTickets>
  • Each ticket costs $10,000 and comes out of your balance
  • Jackpot is drawn every 2 hours
  • A notification is shown in chat when the countdown to the jackpot being drawn and when the countdown reaches zero ONE ticket is drawn to be the jackpot winner
  • There is a 10% tax applied to each jackpot ticket that is bought - so one $10,000 ticket adds $9,000 into the jackpot
  • Type /jackpot in game to find out when the next jackpot is, how many tickets you've bought so far and has been bought in total for that round

Battle Royale: Dual Wield Poll
You're all loving Battle Royale, and as I previously mentioned when proudly announcing it to you all - it is still in Beta. This means that we are constantly looking for ways to balance and make it a fun, enjoyable experience for you all.

Dual Wield is something that the community has been talking about and we're putting the question over to you - Should ALL Dual Wield be disabled in Battle Royale?

The poll discussing this is located here:

You have until Sunday to give us your opinion!

Battle Royale: Build Edits
Another way that we've been looking to improve your experience in Battle Royale is to make sure the builds are appropriate. We noticed that the middle of Battle Royale was a haven for people who wanted to be sneaky and hide... That wasn't ideal. Our fantastic builders were tasked with bulldozing the castle but they ended up making a fantastic arena!

20% OFF Sale
A king sized week of updates is worthy of a king sized sale! So, we present to you, 20% OFF of the whole server store for this weekend only!


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Danger Close
Sword EnchantMax Level: 5EliteThe closer you are to the enemy monster, the more damage you will deal. However, if you are more than 2.5 blocks away, you will deal LESS damage than normal
Does this apply to mobs you grind?
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