Patch Notes (v1.0.8) Science Pre-Patch

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We're leaping into Spring, and CosmicSky is blossoming as beautifully as the flowers outside. Luckily for you guys, our wonderful developer has been looking at the flowers through the window whilst working hard on this week's update. So without further ado...

Gold Blocks
Universal Enchant Bundle
New Enchant
Elite Mob Nerfs
Bandit King Nerfs & Loottable Buff
Carrot Recipe & QOL
35% OFF Sale

Science! & new upcoming /is levels
The next chapter in the journey of CosmicSky sees us playing with Science!

Science is something we're all incredibly proud of and cannot wait for you all to be able to experience it yourself. As we say over and again, CosmicSky is no regular Skyblock. We're completely unique and custom - and Science is no exception.

Over the next few weeks, we'll reveal more and more unique and outstanding additions to Science which you're going to absolutely adore. This is going to focus more on the technological side of things and introducing concepts that you wouldn't believe possible in any Skyblock world you've encountered before. You'll be able to unlock these incredible discoveries when you increase your /is level. Yes, that means that we're going to be introducing NEW /is levels!

So, if you're ready for things to get bigger and better, keep on reading as well as keeping up with the announcements over the coming weeks!

Gold Blocks
The building blocks of Science are here! Gold blocks are going to be extremely useful, to the point of necessary, for when you look at the further expansion of your islands! If you want to keep up with /is top and have any chance of competing then you need to pay close attention to the first addition to the Science update!

Gold Ore Node
To start, you're going to need to get a Gold Ore Node:
  • Gold Ore Resource Fragments can be obtained in a couple of ways:
    • The Bandit King, when killed, drop Gold Ore Resource Fragments
    • Elite Mobs also have a chance to drop a Gold Ore Resource Fragment when killed
  • 32 Gold Ore Resource Fragments can be combined together to make a Gold Ore Node

Unrefined Gold Scraps & Gold Scraps
Once you've obtained a Gold Ore node, place it down and get ready to start mining - or preferably, get those mining bots to do it for you!

When you mine a Gold Ore node you will receive Unrefined Gold Scraps. You use these scraps to have the chance of finding Gold Scraps
  • The Unrefined Gold scraps are the only drop available from the Gold Ore Node
  • Place the Unrefined Gold scraps into a furnace with some fuel - they will then smelt for a chance of getting a Gold Scrap

Gold Ingot
Once you've obtained 64 Gold Scraps, place these inside your crafting window/crafting table and they will be combined into 1 Gold Ingot

Gold Block
Once you've done enough mining and smelting and got yourself 9 Gold Ingots, you are able to exchange these in your crafting window/crafting table for one Gold Block!

Coming soon...
I know you're all asking the same question - what next? Well, you'll have to find out what Scientific Discoveries and island upgrades they can be exchanged for in next week's update!

REMEMBER: You can bring up this process anytime you want in-game by using /help crafting!

Lootbox: End of the Rainbow
The end of the rainbow is normally unobtainable, but as we've realised with CosmicSky - anything is possible! This is jam-packed full of fantastic loot that only deserves to be found in the Pot O' Gold! Let's have a look...

When you open this you'll be given 3 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the Jackpot Items. You'll also receive the 2 bonus items guaranteed.

Universal Enchant Bundle
This bundle is to cater for all those essential enchants that you need to help be the best of the best - Want to capture that outpost? Want to go and kill that Adventure Boss? Well, this is for you!
  • The books inside are UNIVERSAL - this means that they can be applied to ANY tier of gear: Stone/Chainmail, Iron or Diamond
  • When you open the crate, each book will be randomly rolled for enchant level within the chance that is stated
  • Currently only available in this week's Lootbox, it's gonna be a rare one!
  • Ssshhh... the one below is the one in the actual lootbox... don't tell anyone!

New Enchant

Gem Finder
Max level: 3​
Pickaxe Enchant​
Increase the chance to discover a Mystery Enchant Gem when MANUALLY mining resource nodes!​
Elite Mob Nerfs
We've been keeping a constant eye on the new Elite Mobs and have made some minor changes:
  • The elites no longer give the wither effect
  • Elites now take knockback
  • The Elites have had their speed reduced
  • Their name plates are now coloured so you can spot them easier when hunting

Bandit King Nerf & Loottable Buff
The Bandit King was another area which we were paying close attention to, and have made some changes this week accordingly.

Bandit King Nerfs:
  • The Bandit King should now have 25% less health
  • His minions now spawn less often and in a lower amount
  • Stone Outpost now includes +25% damage to the Bandit King
  • His name plate is now coloured for easy spotting
Loottable Buffs:
  • The loot has been buffed to be more representative of that of a King
  • The "junk" items have been removed completely from the Bandit King loottables
  • The Bandit King armor set now has another socket on every piece

Carrot Recipe and other QOL
Here's a couple of other key points that have been changed and added this week:
  • You've been talking, we've been listening - Carrot recipes can now be found more frequently in all areas of the Abandoned Ruins Adventure!
  • All Dual Wield perks had been removed from Battle Royale - Players will still be able to hold items in the off-hand, but won't be able to equip an axe or sword in their off hand - therefore the bonuses are not being received.
  • /cf stats has been added! You are now able to track any coinflips that you make, and your overall statistics. This doesn't work retroactively so will only account for any coinflips you make since this has been added

35% OFF Sale
Phew! This week is bringing some exciting new features and content for CosmicSky, and to celebrate we're going to be giving you all 35% OFF for the weekend only on everything on the server store!


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Feb 24, 2019
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The book bundle is too hyped up for what it is. It doesn't even give a chance for unbreaking 3 or sharp 5...
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