Patch Notes (v1.0.9) Welcome to Science!

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We've been watching how much you're now enjoying the Bandit King, Elites, and, of course, that elusive Gold Ore Node- you're all smashing it outta the park! Now, we hinted (heavily!) about Science coming and now its beginning to reveal itself!

Science: /is level 19
Auto Crafters
Lost Wastelands Boss: Plague Doctor
New Enchant
Flight Orb Activation Changes
Elite Undead mob nerfs
30% OFF Sale

Science: /is level 19
This is the beginning of Science. You've spent the last week preparing and wondering, all trying to get your hands on those precious Gold Ore Nodes to get Gold blocks. And now is when you find out what you need them for!

/is level 19 - That's right a brand new island level.

What do you need to get /is level 19?
  • $20,000,000,000
  • 8 Science Blocks
What unlocks when you upgrade to /is level 19?
  • Ability to place: Auto Crafters
  • Spawner Limit: 5500
  • Island Radius increased to: 96
There will be more new levels after this one, and you're gonna need to get more Science blocks - so keep on grinding those out because who knows what Science will bring with each new /is level?

Auto Crafters
Science is bringing new and exciting ways to automate - Auto Crafters being the offering that goes hand in hand with /is level 19.

How do they work?
  • You'll be able to feed items into the top of the crafter using a hopper and then the internal inventory will fill
  • You will be able to select the recipes that you want the Auto Crafters to look for and craft
  • The order of recipes that you select to craft (dependent on how many concurrent slots for recipes you've bought) will dictate the priority in which the crafter searches for the items to craft and crafts them. Example:
    • You have access to three recipes: Poisonous Potatoes, Corrupt Chorus Fruit and Diamonds.
    • You select the recipes in the above order
    • The Crafter will search for items to craft Poisonous Potatoes first, then Corrupt Chorus Fruit and finally if neither of the first two, Diamonds.
  • Once crafted, the Auto Crafters will eject the items out at their feet - similar to that of the Auto-Miners.
  • When you open up the inventory for the crafting bot, there is a countdown showing when the next item will be crafted.

Similar to Auto Miners, these have settings to improve a number of areas which will increase the efficiency of the crafter.

Crafting Scan Interval
  • The delay inbetween each attempt to scan for available items from the available recipe pool
  • Minimum: 10 seconds
  • Maximum: 1 second
Crafted Per Interval
  • The amount of items the bot will attempt to craft each interval
  • Minimum: 2 items
  • Maximum: 6 items
Hopper Scan Interval
  • The delay the bot waits to scan an above hopper for items
  • Minimum: 4 seconds
  • Maximum: 1 second
Hopper Input Amount
  • The amount of items the hopper will transfer each interval
  • Minimum: 10 items
  • Maximum: 32 items
Recipe Pool Limit
  • The amount of recipes the bot can have in its crafting pool at one time
  • Minimum: 2 recipes
  • Maximum: 12 recipes
Inventory Size
  • The size of the bots inventory
  • Minimum: 9 slots
  • Maximum: 54 slots

What can you craft?
  • Poisonous Potatoes
  • Corrupt Chorus Fruit
  • Sugar
  • Cake
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Log Node
  • Cobblestone Node
  • Gold Ore Node
  • Stick
  • Oak Wood Plank
  • Cobblestone
  • Iron Ingot
  • Diamond
  • Gold Ingot
  • Gold Blocks
  • and more to come...

Lost Wastelands Boss: Plague Doctor
The Plague Doctor heard the call of arms from the Bandit King and has joined the fight to protect the Lost Wastelands! Just like with the Bandit King, this boss has its own set of abilities, as well as its own boss set. You can obtain that all, plus other awesome loot, as a chance when it's defeated!

In the same way as the Bandit King, the Plague Doctor spawns every 4 hours - unless enough Elite Undeads are killed to trigger it to be spawned as a chance that way. A notification will come up in chat and announce where it will spawn and at which co-ordinates!

The Plague Doctor is a custom coded boss, with some AMAZING abilities. It also has some fantastic loot, including its own armor set (with a new Boss Tier Enchant)!

Ability: Poison Bomb
  • Powerful AoE damage effect that lingers after initial explosive damage
Ability: Infect
  • Targets a player and INFECTS them, causing any player they hit to possibly also be affected by the virus. On death, a legendary zombie spawns
Ability: Raise Undead
  • Spawns 2 high-tier undead around him at intervals

New Enchant
Along with this new boss, we have another new enchant which you're all going to want! Of course, as with Bleed - this is a boss only enchant, and you'll only be able to obtain it by killing the Plague Doctor and grabbing yourself a piece of gear with it on!

Boss Tier​
Max Level: 3​
Chestplate Enchant​
A chance to spread a deadly infection when damaged​

Lootbox: Skyblock Specialist
We're over 50 days into CosmicSky, and if you're not a specialist by now - where have you been? This weeks lootbox is, as always, jam-packed full of goodies.

When you open this you'll be given 3 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the Jackpot Items. You'll also receive the 2 bonus items guaranteed.

Flight Orb Activation Changes
We're constantly looking for ways to improve gameplay for you, and have been listening to your suggestions.

Flight Orbs, even though they've had adjustments to make them more user-friendly, were still a sticking point for a lot of people. So, not only do you need an empty hand to activate them, but you also need to SHIFT whilst doing so. This should hopefully alleviate those issues where people would be building whilst flying and run out of the stack, or just when they misclick.

Elite Undead mob nerfs
As always we're keeping an eye on the new updates to make sure they're balanced. This week we've kept a close eye on the Elite Undeads in Lost Wasteland. They were acting a little bit too big for their boots!
  • Elite Undeads in Lost Wastelands now have considerably less HP than before

30% OFF Sale
We couldn't be happier with everyone's progress and the diversity we are seeing on everyone's islands- You're all killing it! To celebrate everyone being awesome, we're giving you all a 30% OFF Sale over everything on the server store- so don't delay, it's only about for the weekend!


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Apr 5, 2019
Minecraft IGN
20billion for the upgrade is asinine, especially when all you get for it is auto crafters which, for quality of life alone, shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall to begin with. Pretty unhappy with this update.


Nov 22, 2018
Minecraft IGN
20billion for the upgrade is asinine, especially when all you get for it is auto crafters which, for quality of life alone, shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall to begin with. Pretty unhappy with this update.
They r useless anyway it was just a stupid idea to begin with
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