Patch Notes (v2.0.1) Farmer Bob

Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's Memorial Day weekend. A time to spend together and to remember and honour the fallen. To celebrate we've got a surprise post today! Settle in for a treat, it's gonna be good.

Lootbox: Special Edition (4 ITEMS!)
New Pet: Farmer Bob
Farming/QoL Tweaks
Lootbox: Special Edition (4 ITEMS!)
For the Memorial Day only, this Lootbox is full of some absolutely awesome goodies.

*** For a Memorial Day weekend special we're giving everyone who purchases a 3x Lootbox Special Edition pack a FREE FARMER BOB! Check out the server store to purchase it while you can!

When you open this you'll be given 4 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the Jackpot Items. You'll also receive the 1 bonus item guaranteed.

Farmer Bob Pet
Our Loot Llama pet was a smashing hit, and so we have brought you something else new for the Memorial Day itself!

Farmer Bob is a hardworker- not only is he a cute little farmer villager, but he's also an amazing crop grower!
  • Left-click to summon your pet, and punch it to send him away!
  • Right-click with the pet in your hand to FULLY GROW the crops
    • It has a 20-minute cooldown
    • Each time you use the pet to grow crops, it gains XP
  • Once the pet has gained enough XP, it will level up.
  • Each level up increases the size of effect of the growth
    • Level 1 (base) - 5x5x5 growth area
      • 20,000 EXP to level up
    • Level 2 - 7x7x7 growth area
      • 60,000 EXP to level up
    • Level 3 - 9x9x9 growth area
      • 60,000 EXP for fully levelled up

Farming/QoL Tweaks
We're already two days into the map, and we're already making sure that we're listening to you all about everything farming. We've already made some tweaks and changes, but we're definitely still listening to you all, so if you have any suggestions feel free to post them in the suggestions forum!

  • The daily quota for wheat has increased from 500 to 1000
  • There is a notification pop up in chat when you achieve your daily quota for any crop
    • You can continue to plant these crops but they will not grow until you've either added Temporary Limit Increasers, or the day resets
    • After the initial pop up message, you will receive notifications above your action bar!
  • The Farming Quota Cap increase for the following day has been changed for when you achieve your quota goals
    • For single crops, the farming quota for the next day has increased from 5% to 10%
    • For all unlocked crops, the farming quota for the next day has increased from 10% to 15%
  • The time until the Farming Quotas Reset is now shown in the /is farming GUI
  • /help fishing has been added to help new players understand the new skill.


May 27, 2019
Minecraft IGN
Can anyone help me? I want to play on the server. But it does not work. Does it have to do with the fact that I play on a iPad? If anyone knows please respond so I can know
May 26, 2019
Minecraft IGN
Hey, i kinda need help. I am playing on the server and i just bought 3 rabbit spawners but the thing is that, once i've placed them and they are ready to spawn, nothing spawns it just sits there and i can't do anything. What should i do?
May 27, 2019
Minecraft IGN
so I try and copy the ip into Minecraft and it doesn't work, I can't tell if it's because pf my port or what but trying to get other servers on Minecraft won't work for me, unless i'm just dim minded and can't figure it out