Patch Notes (v2.0) CosmicSky: New Age

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CosmicSky Map #2: New Age

Map 2 SOTW: May 24th 2019 3pm CDT / 9pm BST / 6am AEST
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

As promised, I've got a juicy post detailing all the specific areas of Map #2, which I know you're all desperate to sink your teeth into! This is going to be a nice and long one, so make sure you've got some snacks to keep you going! The original announcement post for the reset can be found here!

NEW /is list
Island Rating
Player Portals
Island Upgrades
Inventory Pets
Heroic Adventures
Farming Quotas
NEW /is top
NEW Economy Changes
Science Changes
/is skill requirements
Additional QOL Tweaks
Previous Patches

Here we go! We teased this in the reset announcement but we can officially give you the details!

Please join me in welcoming:
Who will be joining our very own Woofless and TBNRFrags!

These guys aren't strangers to Minecraft by any means, and they're absolutely stoked be able to join you all to start their own CosmicSky journey!

The YouTubers will be going head to head with each other, and YOU!! Who will reign supreme?

Which YouTuber will dominate? Check /yt top to see how they are stacking up!

NEW /is list
We've completely revamped /is list, meaning it has more functionality and use!
Hosting public grinders? Got a crazy Casino? As long as you have 1 player physically located on your island your /is warp will now show in /is warp list!
  • /is list is now directly linked to your /is warp
  • Islands are listed in order of highest /is rating first

Pre-defined Island Tags
Additionally, you will be able to add pre-defined Island Tags to your /is warp listing!

Select which features you want to advertise:
  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Slaying
  • Casino
  • Roleplaying
  • PvP
You will be able to take these pre-defined category tags and use them as filters in the /is warp list!

Simply decide on which category you'd like to see - say, Casinos!
  • The /is warps menu will filter all the results by those that have the Casino tag
  • You'll be provided with a list of every island that has given themselves the Casino tag.
  • This allows you to better decide which island you'd like to visit!
Setting the filters
Type /is tags. A GUI will appear and you will be able to choose which category to assign to your /is warp.
  • You can have multiple categories assigned to your island
  • To change the categories shown, simply repeat the above steps!

Island Rating
Come across a fantastic island or think a Casino is rigged? Let everyone know with Island Ratings

Island ratings are a new and fun way to show people how much they've enjoyed (or not!) your island! Just visit someone's island and run /is rate and choose a rating between 1 and 10!
Some things to note about island rating:
  • You must be a minimum of /is level 2 to rate islands
  • You need to be stood on the island to /is rate it
  • You can rate an island between 1 and 10
  • The island rating shows on /is list
  • You are able to change your /is rate score once every 24hours
  • The islands will appear in order of highest rating first on the /is list

Player Portals
Whoooosh, an exciting new way to bring players to your island- this is a physical /is warp!

Player Portal Basics
  • To summon a player portal, you need to have an /is warp set
    • To do this, type /is setwarp where you'd like players to spawn in!
  • You are able to summon Player Portals on islands UNLESS
    • A permission block is placed to block
      • Specific people added to the permission block
      • Everyone, except Island members if the Public Region pane is selected
  • Any portal you place will automatically connect players to your /is warp
  • There will be a hologram above the portal which displays
    • The warp location: e.g LDram's /is warp
    • The current /is rating
    • A custom description that you can set when you summon the portal
      • /is portal <description>
  • You can use /toggle to prevent yourself from being teleported by Player Portals
    • Just toggle the "Toggle Player Portal Travel" pane off

Portal Cooldowns
  • Placed portals will remain active for 60 seconds
  • You can only place 1 portal every 120 seconds
Player Portal Placement Locations
  • At /spawn, excluding the immediate spawn-in location
  • On other players islands
  • On your own island

Island Upgrades
So you've got your Island, but you want more out of it? Island upgrades are here to give you that extra clout compared to others!

Simply type /is upgrade to access these awesome Island Upgrade Features!
  • This GUI will give you the option to boost many different ways on your island when you purchase them!
  • Each /is upgrade has tiers that you are able to purchase, further increasing each /is upgrade better.
  • Increases smelting speed - Increase the time it takes for your island furnaces to smelt an item.
    • Tier 1: 5% Faster
      • $25,000,000
    • Tier 2: 10% Faster
      • $50,000,000
    • Tier 3: 25% Faster
      • $200,000,000
    • TIer 4: 50% Faster
      • $300,000,000
  • Increased Furnace Fuel Efficiency - Burn fuel more efficiently for a longer burn time per item!
    • Tier 1: 5% Less
      • $25,000,000
    • Tier 2: 10% Less
      • $50,000,000
    • Tier 3: 25% Less
      • $150,000,000
    • Tier 4: 50% Less
      • $250,000,000
  • Increased Member Limit on Island - Increase the maximum amount of members you can have on your island.
    • Tier 1: +1 Member
      • $10,000,000
    • Tier 2: +2 Member
      • $25,000,000
    • Tier 3: +3 Member
      • $50,000,000
    • Tier 4: +4 Member
      • $75,000,000
    • Tier 5: +5 Member
      • $100,000,000
  • Flight on Islands - Allow /fly on your island!
    • Tier 1: Alliance Members Only
      • $5,000,000
    • Tier 2: Truces and Alliance Members
      • $25,000,000
    • Tier 3: Anyone on your island
      • $500,000,000
  • Increase Daily Farming Limit - Increase the amount your daily farming restrictions are raised after each day crops are grown to 100%.
    • Tier 1: 1% Increase
      • $50,000,000
    • Tier 2: 2% Increase
      • $100,000,000
    • Tier 3: 3% Increase
      • $250,000,000
    • Tier 4: 4% Increase
      • $500,000,000
    • Tier 5: 5% Increase
      • $1,000,000,000
  • Increased Mob Spawning - Increase the rates mobs spawn from spawners.
    • Tier 1: 1.10x Mob
      • $25,000,000
    • Tier 2: 1.25x Mob
      • $50,000,000
    • Tier 3: 1.35x Mob
      • $150,000,000
    • Tier 4: 1.5x Mob
      • $250,000,000
  • Increased Mob Spawner EXP - Increase the XP dropped from Mob Spawner mobs
    • 1.10x Mob XP
      • $50,000,000
    • 1.25x Mob XP
      • $100,000,000
    • 1.35x Mob XP
      • $250,000,000
    • 1.5x Mob XP
      • $500,000,000
  • Increased /fishing Treasure - Increased chance to receive Treasure from fishing.
    • Tier 1: 2.5%
      • $10,000,000
    • Tier 2: 5%
      • $25,000,000
    • Tier 3: 7.5%
      • $50,000,000
    • Tier 4: 10%
      • $100,000,000
  • Increased Gem Find - Increased chance to receive gems from mining.
    • Tier 1: 2.5%
      • $50,000,000
    • Tier 2: 5%
      • $100,000,000
    • Tier 3: 7.5%
      • $250,000,000
    • Tier 4: 10%
      • $500,000,000

Some important things to remember
  • You need to be on the island that you want to upgrade
    • If you're on your island, you will upgrade your island only, not the others that you are a part of
  • Only Owners and Co-leaders of islands are able to purchase /is upgrades
  • There is no way to remove /is upgrades once they are purchased

Farming Quotas
We've taken a good hard look at the way that /is farming has progressed throughout Map #1, and some serious changes have been made.

Firstly, we've reorganised the order of the crops in /is farming has been changed to correctly represent the ease at which crops are able to be farmed.
/is farming level 1 = Wheat
/is farming level 2 = Potato
/is farming level 3 = Carrot
/is farming level 4 = Sugar Cane
/is farming level 5 = Beet Root
/is farming level 6 = Nether Wart
/is farming level 7 = Melon
/is farming level 8 = Pumpkin
/is farming level 9 = Chorus Fruit
The amount of crops needed to unlock the next tier has also been adjusted.
  • Wheat
  • Potato
    • 100 Wheat Grown
  • Carrot
    • 2500 Potatoes Grown
    • Carrot Recipe
  • Sugar Cane
    • 15,000 Carrots Grown
    • Sugar Cane Recipe
  • Beet Root
    • 75,000 Sugar Cane Grown
    • Beet Root recipe
  • Nether Warts
    • 100,000 Beet Root Grown
    • Nether Wart Recipe
  • Melons
    • 250,000 Nether Wart Grown
    • Melon Recipe
  • Pumpkins
    • 5,000,000 Melons Grown
    • Pumpkin Recipe
  • Chorus Fruit
    • 7,500,000 Pumpkins Grown
    • Chorus Fruit Recipe

In addition, we also now have /is farming quotas.

Essentially these are goals that you want to be aiming towards to get the most efficiency out of your /is farming!
  • Quotas are per day
  • Once you've reached your quota for the day, you'll be notified in chat to say you've achieved your goal!
  • For every day you hit your farming quota for each crop, you'll increase the goal to aim for the next day by 5%
    • So if you have a quota of 500 wheat per day, and reach that, the next day your goal is to farm 525 wheat
  • If you reach your goal for all of your unlocked crops, you'll increase the goal for the next day by 10%!
  • Wheat
    • 250
  • Potato
    • 5000
  • Carrot
    • 10,000
  • Sugar Cane
    • 15,000
  • Beet Root
    • 20,000
  • Nether Warts
    • 50,000
  • Melons
    • 250,000
  • Pumpkins
    • 500,000
  • Chorus Fruit
    • 1000

Farming Limit Increasers
You are able to have a chance to increase the daily quota temporarily by killing Adventure mobs of the appropriate tier for each crop.

  • The Adventure mobs have a chance to drop a Farming Limit Increaser
  • Right-click this token to choose which crop you'd like to redeem it on
  • Each token you apply will increase your daily quota of the chosen crop quota of that tier by X% (dependent on the value of the increaser)
    • For example:
      • So if you are at 15,000/15,000 sugar cane grown, head into the Lost Wasteland Adventure
      • Kill mobs in that Adventure until the Farming Limit Increaser II drops as loot
      • Go back to the Island you want to redeem it on
  • You must redeem the token on the island that you would like it to take effect
  • The tokens are able to be dropped when you die - so be careful in the adventures!
  • The tokens are able to be traded and sold on the /ah
  • There is a max redemption of up to an additional 100% per day
Abandoned Ruins
  • Wheat
  • Potato
  • Carrot
Lost Wasteland
  • Sugar Cane
  • Beet Root
  • Nether Warts
Demonic Realm
  • Melons
  • Pumpkins
  • Chorus Fruit

Inventory Pets
Ever wanted to have bonuses AND a cute little friend to accompany you? Inventory Pets are cute little companions that you carry about with you. Not only do they walk your journey with you, but they also provide you with some cool buffs/effects that you can use.

This week we're introducing our first Inventory Pet - the Loot Llama!

The Loot Llama
When you right-click this little dude in your hand, he'll give you a random piece of Adventure loot appropriate to his level.
  • The Loot Llama has a 24-hour cooldown
  • Each time you use the pet to redeem your daily loot, your pet will gain 100 XP
  • When it has gained enough XP, it will level up
  • The Loot Llama has 3 total levels
    • Each level of the Loot Llama represents each tier of Adventure
      • If your pet is level 1, you'll receive loot relative to the Abandoned Ruins
      • If your pet is level 2, you'll receive loot relative to the Lost Wastelands
      • If your pet is level 3, you'll receive loot relative to the Demonic Realm

Heroic Adventures
The next level in Adventures!

We have Adventures, but we're going to be introducing the next level- Heroic Adventures! These will be harder, but the rewards reflect this as the loot is a LOT better!

There is some important information to know about Heroic Adventures:
  • Elites will spawn more readily in Heroic Adventures
  • You will not be able to join non-heroic Adventures once you've unlocked the Heroic version
More details will be available in due course!

NEW /is top
Island Top has had a full revamp to reward you for all your hard work and effort!

You'll now see that /is top is now sorted a little differently, and in order of priority of:
  • Island Level
  • 100% Spawner value, plus Island Profit in the last 24 hours
    • Island profit is calculated by the value of all the farming and mobs drops that spawned on the island in the last 24 hours.
    • The more you hit your goals, the higher your Island Profit will be!

NEW Economy Changes
After a lot of discussions and deliberating, scouring of the suggestion forums and reading your messages in in-game chat, we've had a pretty hefty overhaul of all things economy based.

Shop Price Changes
  • The sell price of melon has been reduced from $135 to $35
  • The sell price of pumpkin has been reduced from $200 to $55
  • The purchase price of pistons has been increased from $1000 to $10,000
  • The purchase price of sticky pistons has been increased from $2500 to $25,000
  • The purchase price of observers has been increased from $4000 to $20,000
  • You are able to sell Iron Ingots for $2000
  • You are able to sell Diamonds for $75,000

Rank Kit Changes
  • The amount of items obtained from your /kit rank has been reduced.
  • The /kit rank will still correctly scale with level and progression.
    • A Rank V, level 8 kit is still better than a Rank IV, level 8 kit

Adventure Loot Tweaks
  • Each day the map progresses, the amount of money and EXP that can be found in the Adventure chests increases accordingly.
    • The value of the money notes and EXP bottles that are found in all of the three non-heroic Adventures have been buffed significantly.
      • Adventure 1
        • Up to $1,000,000 by day 50
          • + $20k per day
        • Up to 10k XP by day 50
          • +400 XP per day
      • Adventure 2
        • Up to $5,000,000 by day 50
          • +$100k per day
        • Up to 50k XP by day 50
          • +1000 XP per day
      • Adventure 3
        • Up to $20,000,000 by day 50
          • +$400k per day
        • Up to 250k XP by day 50
          • +5000 XP per day
  • The chest loot in Adventure has been MASSIVELY BUFFED
    • The loot inside the chests has been made so that each chest is worth looting!
      • No more 2 pieces of bread!
      • No more cookies!
      • No more single arrows - you'll receive an amount worth using!
  • Adventures mobs now drop money when killed

Science Level Requirements
Whilst towards the end of Map #1 we did allow access to Science items at an early stage, we're now reducing the /is level restrictions even EARLIER! They are available as loot from Battle Royale lootbags and the /science shop.

  • /is level 5 (2 Auto Planters, 2 Collection Chest)
  • /is level 7 (2 Teleport, 1 Auto Crafters)
  • /is level 10 (8 Auto Planters , 8 Collection Chests)
  • /is level 12 (8 Teleport Pads, 8 Crafting Bots)
  • /is level 15 (20 Auto Planters, 20 Collection Chests)
  • /is level 17 (20 Teleport Pads, 20 Crafting Bots)
  • /is level 19 (Infinite Auto Planters, Collection Chests)
  • /is level 20 (Infinite Teleport Pads, Crafting Bots)

There has also been a number of additional changes relating to Science!
  • The /is level 19 requirement for using the /science shop is still in place
  • The gold required to level up the Auto Bots has been removed
  • The bots will now display in their overhead nameplate the current level that they have been upgraded to
  • The Auto Crafter UI has been updated to be more consistent with the other bots

/is skill Island Level requirements
To assist in the balance of the map progress overall, we have implemented /is level goals for the next levels of /is skills - fishing, mining and slayer.
  • You will still need to fulfill the requirements of the previous tier to unlock, as well as having the level requirement

  • /is fishing level requirements
    • /is level 5 - Salmon
    • /is level 8 - Clownfish
    • /is level 12 - Pufferfish
  • /is mining level requirements
    • /is level 6 - Iron
    • /is level 9 - Diamond
    • /is level 14 - Gold
  • /is slayer level requirements
    • /is level 2 - Chicken
    • /is level 3 - Cows
    • /is level 7 - Spiders
    • /is level 10 - Zombies
    • /is level 11 - Skeleton
    • /is level 12 - Pig Zombie
    • /is level 13 - Blaze

Additional QOL Tweaks
There are also a few other little changes that we've made to help make things a little more streamline for you all!
  • You'll gain a faster TP timer with the more EXP on your player
  • The TP out time for Adventures is now 20s (from 60s)
    • For Rank V, this is now 10s (from 30s)
    • There is a minimum TP time of 5s
  • The hunger loss has been significantly reduced by 50% in non-heroic Adventures
  • Spawner Mobs now have a greater chance of dropping Mob Spawner shards of the type you're killing, as well as a chance of dropping a shard of the next Spawner tier!
  • Mob Spawners have had their /is top value increased significantly, with 100% of the value adding to /is top value
      • Rabbit = $5,000
      • Chicken = $25,000
      • Cow = $50,000
      • Spider = $100,000
      • Zombie = $1,000,000
      • Skeleton = $2,500,000
      • Pig Zombie = $5,000,000
      • Blaze = $10,000,000
  • An additional sapling has been added to /kit starter, to counter those annoyances where your first tree grown doesn't give back a sapling
  • /br is now an alias for /battleroyale
  • /gem is now an alias for /gemforge
  • Players names in chat will reflect the colour of their rank to help identify players more easily
  • Battle Royale Lootbags will now have a chance to drop any of the Science machines amongst the pre-existing loot
  • /is challenges have been updated to include another 9 challenges!
  • /is challenges now have more informative text to guide those that are new and unaware of how things work
  • /playtime has been added as requested
  • CF tax has been adjusted to 8% for Rank IV and below, and Rank V now has a 5% CF tax
  • Frontend changes to /reputation points
  • The 3rd PvP /Skill: 50% Chance to Ignore Shields has been replaced with Shield Reflect
    • You now you have a chance to reflect incoming whilst blocking with your shield!

Recent Patches
For any of the previous recent patches you might have missed, please see below!


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Feb 16, 2019
Minecraft IGN
The amount of money you now make from selling and the cost of observers will prove almost impossible or atleast way more costly to build any type of auto farms on sky...


Nov 16, 2018
Minecraft IGN
The amount of money you now make from selling and the cost of observers will prove almost impossible or atleast way more costly to build any type of auto farms on sky...
The /is farming order was changed :) Make sure to read the post so you don't miss out on important details!

i dont know how i feel about daily farming limits
Thankfully there's also limit increasers :)



Feb 15, 2019
Minecraft IGN
GG can't wait, 2 hours 4 minutes to go!

For science, when are auto mining bots available to place on your island? I couldn't see them in the spoiler information.

I look forward to seeing all of you guys on the map #2 release in 2 hours and 4 minutes ^-^
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