Patch Notes (v2.1): Lucky Block Kits, Custom Recipes

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Wow, what can we say? The start of Map #2 has been awesome and exceeded our expectations. As I'm writing this our highest peak has been 4000+ concurrent players on ONE SKYBLOCK SERVER. Did I hear you all say SUPER SERVER? Someone call the Guinness World Records because I think we're a candidate! The updates don't stop there though as we've got another jam-packed week for you all!

Lucky Blocks!
Explorer /skit
New Enchants
Custom Recipes
Battle Pig Pet
Battle Royale Tweaks
Bugs and QoL
40% OFF Sale

Lucky Blocks!
Lucky blocks are your chances to unlock permanent /skits! These not only give you a chance to unlock some cool armor/weapons but they also have the greatest animation!

  • Place these down in either Spawn or a Skyblock island
  • The Lucky Block will roll either a gold block or stone block
    • If it lands on a gold block you get a permanent /skit gem!
    • If it lands on a stone block you get a roll of the set, but no permanent /skit gem!

Lucky Block Kit: Explorer
Sky Kits? Oh yes! We're bringing you kits which will help you conquer those pesky Adventures! Today's juicy edition is the Explorer /skit!

The Explorer /skit has a stone sword and chainmail armor which are rolled with random level enchants
  • Once permanent access has been unlocked you can redeem from the /skit menu, or through the /kit menu
  • The /skit has a 48 hour cooldown
  • The socketed enchantments CANNOT be removed!
  • The items can be tinkered, but at 50% reduced rate

New Enchants
We've got some new enchants which you can find on the new Explorer /skit and available server-wide with this update!
  • Fatigue
    • Tier Elite
    • Level 1-5
    • Sword Enchant
      • Chance to give slowness, slow swinging and confusion to players
  • Well Fed
    • Tier Elite
    • Level 1-3
    • Armor Enchant
      • Increased hunger replenishment
  • Icy Veins
    • Tier Ultimate
    • Level 1-3
    • Armor Enchant
      • Chance to cause slowness to your attacker
  • Blacksmith
    • Tier Legendary
    • Tier 1-5
    • Axe Enchant
      • Chance to regenerate durability on your most damaged piece of armor by 1-2 durability whenever you damage a player, but when activated your attack deals 50% of the normal damage
Custom Recipes
Want more to do with the resources that you're meticulously farming? Custom recipes aren't new to CosmicSky, but we've made them accessible for everyone!

We've got three custom recipes this week: Sugar Cookie, Rabbit Farmer Stew and Mash Soup!
  • Custom recipes are crafted using 9 recipe pages
  • Recipe pages are obtained from Adventure
    • Sugar Cookie and Rabbit Farmer Stew from Abandoned Ruins Adventure
    • Mash Soup from Lost Wastelands Adventure
  • Auto Crafters can be configured to make these once you've learned the recipe!
  • These are going to make you a LOT of money!!!

Sugar Cookies
  • Crafted using 2x Wheat and 1x Sugar
  • Sell price: $250
Rabbit Farmer Stew
  • Crafted using 3x Carrot and 1x Cooked Rabbit
  • Sell price: $750
Mash Soup
  • Crafted using 1x Beetroot and 2x Baked Potato
  • Sell price: $900

Battle Pig Pet
Oink oink! Another brilliant addition to our family of pets! This cute little fella is going to be your Adventure Companion!

On use, this pet buffs you and nearby players to deal additional damage to Abandoned Ruins mobs for a 1 minute.
  • You need to be in Adventure to activate this guys' ability
  • There is a 5-minute cooldown
  • Each activation adds 10 EXP to your pets level
  • There are 5 levels
    • Level 1
      • 250 EXP
      • 30% Damage Increase
    • Level 2
      • 500 EXP
      • 35% Damage Increase
    • Level 3
      • 1000 EXP
      • 40% Damage Increase
    • Level 4
      • 2000 EXP
      • 45% Damage Increase
    • Level 5
      • 2000 EXP
      • 50% Damage Increase
  • For each level, the ability is active for 1 min
    • Except for Level 5, where the ability is active for 2 minutes!
  • The pig affects players in a 5x5x5 area
    • Starting from 3 players, working up to 7 players
  • There is a chance to get the Battle Pig Pet from the Explorer Kit!

Lootbox: Conquest
We came, we saw and we conquered the reset. Now for some more goodies in this week's Lootbox! You've got the option to buy single lootboxes, or a triple pack!

*** Upon purchase of the Lootbox: Conquest [3x] package, you will receive a FREE Explorer /skit Lucky Block!

When you open this you'll be given 3 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the Jackpot Items. You'll also receive the 1 bonus item guaranteed.

Battle Royale Tweaks
We've decided that Battle Royale needed a little spicing up!
  • The border now shrinks in quicker! Get those running shoes on!
  • The last few shrinks are quicker and shorter!
    • The last two border shrinks are in 25 block radiuses
    • These shrinks have a 1 minute timer, rather than 2 minutes

Bugs and QoL
  • You can now set a description with /is warp <description>
  • /is warp now displays /is tags of the warp owners island
  • The cents value has been removed from /baltop
  • Fishing Rod cost from shop has been reduced: $10,000 -> $500
  • Battle Royale /is challenge now requires you to just attempt to join a Battle Royale
  • Fishing /is challenge now requires you to fish 5 Trout, from 25
  • A title now displays on every log-in when you have a package to /confirm
  • /br top is now available!
    • Sorted by Battle Points
      • 1st Place = 5 battle points
      • 2nd Place = 3 battle points
      • 3rd Place = 1 battle point

40% OFF Sale
PHEW, and that's week 1 of Map #2 concluded. I couldn't be happier with how amazing you have all been. It makes everything worth to see you all having such a wonderful time. As our gift to you for being awesome, we're hosting a MASSIVE 40% OFF sale on our server store for the whole weekend.


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Nov 21, 2018
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Amazing update. Don’t forget to use code Whiskey at checkout when picking up this weeks lootbox as well as the new explorer sKit!
Jun 1, 2019
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Hey i recently bought The Conquest Lootbox x3 and only Received the /skit only, can someone help me plz
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