Patch Notes (v3.6) Bandit Assault Realm, White Scrolls

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

The nights are getting darker, the mornings are getting colder - but our updates are getting hotter! Once again, this week will absolutely smash it out of the park - we can guarantee it! So grab your cup of cocoa and settle in!

Bandit Assault Realm
Monster Slayer Mask
Combat Tested Armor
New Enchant: Rage
White Scrolls
/is bots
XP Discovery Nerf
QoL and Bug Fixes
40% OFF Sale

Bandit Assault Realm
We have a good selection of realms already, but you've all been asking for a PvE based one - and we're bringing it today for you!

Realms are completely independent of each other and must all be unlocked separately to gain access!
  • In order to teleport to a realm, you must place and enter a Realm Portal.
    • Each realm also requires you to have a certain /is level unlocked to place its portal.
  • Realm Portals can be obtained from /adventures or by buying them from other players on the /ah.
You cannot take anything into or out of Realms with you.
  • Each realm has its own tailored objective which you must complete to receive points.
  • Points can be spent in specialized Realm Shops which can be found at /spawn.
  • You can open the /realm menu at any time to see how many points you have in each realm.
You can only spend a maximum of 30 minutes per day in each realm. Realm playtimes reset at 1pm CDT every day.

  • Objective: Protect the Crystal
  • Bandit Assault Realm Portals can be obtained from the Demonic Realm /adventure.
  • You must have at least /is level 13 unlocked to place the portal.
When you enter the realm, you can talk to (Right-Click) the Town Guard to receive a Chain Armor Set, Stone Sword, and Stone Axe!

  • You enter on the West side of the town.
  • In the center of the town you'll find a crystal. You must protect this at all costs!
    • The crystal has 100 health
    • The Bandits, upon spawning, path towards the crystal and will damage it until it has been destroyed
  • There are 10 waves of Bandits
    • The number of bandits increases dynamically based on the number of players in the realm
    • For each wave of mobs, the difficulty to kill them increases
    • Bandits spawn from the North, South and East sides
    • As the wave number increases, the time given to kill the mobs increases too
      • If you do not kill all the Bandits in that time, you do not get the additional Wave Completion points
  • When bandits are killed they drop items which can assist you in your quest to protect the crystals
    • You can get Pre-examined Enchantment Gems, Examined Enchantment books, food, and potions (regular and splash)
  • On the opposite side (East) of the spawn point, there are Enchantment Tables and Anvils
    • When you loot Enchantment Gems and Books, head over to the East Side to improve your armor and weapons to assist in the fight!
  • You receive 1+(waveNumber) amount of points for each bandit that you kill
    • So, for Wave 4 you will get 5 points for each Bandit you kill
    • When each wave is completed and every Bandit is killed in time, everyone who participated will get 20 additional points

If the bandits reach the Crystal and diminish all 100 health, the Assault resets!
  • The Assault will reset to round 1
  • Your inventory is reset
If you make it to Wave 10, the Bandit King will spawn!
  • Killing the Bandit King will yield everyone who participates 50 additional points!
To complete the Bandit Assault, you need to kill all of the Bandits in Wave 10, as well as the Bandit King.

Realm Event: Dead Night
When darkness falls, you know you're in trouble. You're going to have your wits about you for this event!

  • At some point during one of the 10 waves, the sky will darken and the HORDE IS RELEASED!
    • These are a lot of very fast, but weak bandits
  • These need to be killed quickly
    • To clear the event, the horde must be prevented from attacking the crystal for 1 minute
    • If this is achieved, all players in the realm get 20 bonus points
Realm Shop
As has been the case with the previous realms, each has their own custom /realm shop that you can exchange the points that you gain for OP, and often exclusive, loot!

Monster Slayer mask
What an addition to the masks we have for you this week! As a Bandit Assault Realm exclusive, this mask is going to give you everything you'll ever need to get that /is slayer maxed out!
  • While equipped, you'll receive 2x DMG to Island Mobs and 1.25x XP
  • Simply drag n' drop the mask onto any helmet of your choice.
    • Right-Click the helmet to unequip the mask from your helmet.

Combat Tested Armor
We couldn't very well have a combat-based realm without some combat-based armor that you can purchase exclusively from the realm shop!
Each piece gives you a +X Health Increase, a +X% Outgoing DMG Increase AND the extreme Unbreaking V on each piece! You're going to want the full set of this!

New Enchant
PvP is going to get even more interesting this week! This is a Bandit Assault Realm shop exclusive enchant!

  • Tier: Boss
  • Max Level: 6
  • Sword Enchant
    • For every combo hit you land, your damage is multiplied. (up to 2.25x).
    • This enchant will only affect players and will not work on mobs
    • You will lose your Rage stack when you are damaged.
      • The Spiked Enchantment will not break your Rage stack

White Scrolls
We understand the frustration of spending hours, billions of dollars and millions of XP on a set, only to step into /adventures and lose it. White scrolls are here to help alleviate a little of this problem for you! Available from the Bandit Assault Realm shop only, these are rare but worthy!
  • There are two different types of White Scroll
    • White Scroll (Armor)
      • This can be applied to any piece of armor
    • White Scroll (Weapon)
      • This can be applied to any weapon or pickaxe
  • Upon death, the item that is white-scrolled will return to your inventory HOWEVER the white scroll will be removed
  • You can only apply a maximum of 3 White Scrolls to any piece of armor/weapon/pickaxe
    • These White scrolls cannot be applied at the same time, but rather reapplied when the previous one is removed on death
    • After all three of these white scrolls have been removed, the item will become CORRUPTED and will no longer be able to have a white-scroll applied to it.

Lootbox: Realm Defender
For all you hardy warriors, this week's lootbox is going to perfect! Grab it while you can from the server store- it won't be about forever!

REMINDER: 🥇 The 1st person to claim the latest lootbox will receive a FREE Tier V Rank 🏆
On your marks... set... GO! The first player to /confirm their lootbox will also receive a BONUS Tier V Rank!
Upon claiming it, a global message will be sent to all players to show off your win!

/is bots
Ever been so dedicated to Science that you have so many Bots all over your island and wanted a way to keep track of them all? Well, this week you can do just that!

Simple type /is bots and a list of all your Bots will be shown!
  • The GUI will show all Bots
    • Auto Mining Bots, Auto Planter Bots, Auto Crafting Bots, and Auto Sell Bots
    • A total amount of how many placed on the island will be shown
  • Click each individual Bot type
    • A further GUI window will pop up with all of that type of Bot on the island
      • On hover over, the stats of the bots are shown relating to their upgrade level
  • You can then click on any of the specific Bots to teleport to their location!

XP Discovery Nerf
You guys are absolutely mental! So mental, we're having to slow you all down! XP Discovery was a little bit TOO OP, even for you guys, so it's had a little nerf this week to make it more balanced in the economy!
  • The rate at which XP is gained per level of enchant has been reduced
  • The amount of XP gained per node has also been reduced
    • Cobblestone 100 XP -> 50 XP
    • Coal 750 XP -> 150 XP
    • Iron 1500 XP -> 250 XP
    • Diamond 2500 XP -> 2000 XP
QoL and Bug Fixes
  • Repair Scroll costs from the Science /shop has been increased
  • On turn-in of crops at the Bountiful Farm, you will now receive half the amount of Bonemeal
    • This is in response to the single crop growth that was implemented last week
  • Wager /br minimum entry price will now scale with map age
  • The /sell price of Treacle Tart has been reduced from $2,500,000 to $1,000,000
  • Fixed an issue where /combine would give resource gold ingots
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Enchants on pickaxes were able to be used in Auto Miners
  • Fixed an issue where Island members could kick others of the same rank or higher
  • Fixed an additional issue where Nether Armor would take an unintentional amount of durability and ultimately break in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where the hearts above players' heads showed as 0
  • Mitigated an issue where the Pack Mule could store Armor/Weapons of the higher tier and be brought into lower /adventures

40% OFF Sale
What a week! It's about time for us all to catch our breath, and once again, thank @iFamasssxD for the amazing amount of love and dedication that he's put into everything this week - I'm sure you'll all agree with me when you see the Bandit Assault; It's beautiful! To celebrate for it being Friday again, we're offering an outstanding 40% OFF Sale on everything at our server store for this weekend only!


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Aug 1, 2019
Minecraft IGN
How can anyone say gg to these last patches? Whats the point of playing, you just ninja nerf the top 20 to top 100 islands every second day, while the top players are just snowballing thanks to these god awful patches
Jun 5, 2019
Minecraft IGN
Seems like a decent update. White scrolls seem kind of dumb though. Depends how op rage is ig. I don’t think it’ll be that good.
Mar 14, 2019
Minecraft IGN
This update has just ruined the game for so many, why would you reduce the price of tarts after over a week of it being like that. You let people get set up and have a good system for making tarts and then you just decide to reduce the price which ruined it for everyone. Not a good update in my book and for sure ruined the game for people.
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