Patch Notes (v4.0) CosmicSky: MONOPOLY

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CosmicSky Map #4: MONOPOLY

Map #4 SOTW: Thursday, 24th October 2019
1pm CST / 7pm BST / 4am AEST (Friday)

(if your timezone isn't shown, use this to convert the above times)​

Greetings Cosmonauts!
The day has finally arrived, and honestly, we couldn't be more excited. Map #4 is going to be amazing, and we can't wait to see where this map takes us all. Of course, we have some awesome additions coming today and I know this is the post that you've all been waiting for. So without further ado, let's get into it!

New Economy
Island Logs
Adventure Alignments
Elite Battle Royale
Black Market Auction House
Limited Edition Realms
/is top 1-5 Perks
/is farming Recipe Unlocks
/koth Limits
/fund Additions
Mob Spawner Changes
Miner Matt Nerf
Additional QoL Changes
Recent Patches
New Economy
As the name of the map suggests, this is the map where we focus on the Economy! We've taken a very serious look at the previous maps and identified where things could have been better managed. With that we've made a lot of changes to the amount of money that is earned and spent throughout the whole of CosmicSky. While these numbers may come across as a little daunting to you all, please remember that these have all be changed relative to each other.

We've spent a lot of time making sure that each tier of mob spawner is worth progressively more than the previous, with the same considerations being made to the farming items as well. There have been a lot of contributing factors that we've used in our figures- these include the Health value of the mobs, the speed at which each and every crop grows averagely, along with the overall tier items such as custom recipes.

The items that are sellable to the shop have all had their prices tweaked from the following categories:​
  • Farming
  • Mob Drops
  • Custom Recipes
  • Resource Node Drops
  • Food
  • Fishing
As well:​

  • Lava Buckets now cost $500, down from $1000
  • Pumkpin pie has been removed from the /shop
  • Cake has been removed from the /shop
  • Cooked Steak is now sellable in the Food section of /shop, instead of the Mob Drops section
Island Level Cost
The price to upgrade /is level has been looked into, and from /is level 11 the price to increase your /is level has been reduced in response to these changes. You can find these figures here:​

  • /is level 11 - $100,000,000 -> $50,000,000
  • /is level 12 - $200,000,000 -> $70,000,000
  • /is level 13 - $250,000,000 -> $105,000,000
  • /is level 14 - $500,000,000 -> $175,000,000
  • /is level 15 - $1,000,000,000 -> $300,000,000
  • /is level 16 - $1,500,000,000 -> $600,000,000
  • /is level 17 - $2,500,000,000 -> $1,000,000,000
  • /is level 18 - $5,000,000,000 -> $2,000,000,000
Island Radius
We have also had a little look at the radius at which you have for your islands and adjusted that slightly. The new sizes are shown below​
Island Logs
As you should all be well aware, Insiding is not permitted on CosmicSky and we've given you a lot of tools to help assist in this not being able to happen, such as Permission Blocks and Island ranks. Island Logs is going to be key in keeping your island as secure as possible - it gives you the ability to have full control about who and what is placed or removed on your island!

Simply type /is logs:

There are many different areas that are being logged on your island!
  • Mob Spawner Edits
  • Auto Bot Edits
    • This includes the Auto Sell bot, the Auto Bundler bot, the Auto Planter bot, the Auto Crafting bot, the Auto Mining bot
  • Science Block Edits
    • This includes Teleport Pads, Collection Chests, Nether Armor Transformers and Realm Portals
  • Resource Node Edits
  • Member Ban
  • Member Kick
  • Member Invite
  • Member Role Edit
    • This is the changing of the /is members
In the logs you are also able to customise how you want to see the logs
  • You are able to toggle timestamps on and off
    • This will determine whether you display how long ago the action was done on the island
  • You are able to toggle the coordinates on and off
    • This will show you where on the island the action was taken, where possible
    • This counts for actions on placement and breaking of items
There are a couple of additional things to mention to remember
  • You are only able to access these logs when standing on the island that you are a member of
  • Any player that is a part of the island can view these logs

Adventure Alignments
We know that there is a lot of frustration when it comes to Adventures - you have to deal with the mobs AND the players in there. When you're in a big Alliance, or somewhat seasoned in PvP this isn't necessarily an issue for you. However, those that are solo or don't want to PvP as part of their playstyle, this can be a big sticking point when you're wanting to Adventure.

We've brought in Adventure Alignments to sort this issue. There are three Alignments - Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic.

First of all, you all have Outgoing PvP disabled by default. You can change this through /togglepvp or the main /toggle window. You will also get a prompt when you enter any Adventure to let you know that you have Outgoing PvP disabled.

Each Alignment has it's own way of being triggered, and its own restrictions.


  • This is the default alignment that everyone who enters Adventures has
  • Players will have a WHITE name and LAWFUL above their head
    • The player's relationship to you (Alliance, ally, truce, neutral or enemy) will be shown as their Alliance color
  • If you die to a mob or a player you have a 10-minute death-timer to the specific adventure you died in
    • This is global across all instances of that Adventure tier
  • You do not lose ANY of your inventory or armor/weapons on death
    • Any piece that holds a whitescroll on will RETAIN the whitescroll on death
    • Pets will retain their leash on death
  • 5s TP out time
  • You do not lose EXP on death


  • You gain this alignment when you hit another player, unless they are Chaotic
  • Players will have a YELLOW name and NEUTRAL above their head
    • The player's relationship to you (Alliance, ally, truce, neutral or enemy) will be shown as their Alliance color
  • If you die to a mob or a player you have a 30-minute death-timer to the specific adventure you died in
    • This is global across all instances of that Adventure tier
  • You do not lose your weapons or equipped armor on death
    • The rest of your inventory WILL drop on death, however.
    • Leashed pets will be retained, although they will lose their leash as normal
    • Any equipped armor or weapons that hold a whitescroll will RETAIN the whitescroll on death
  • 20s TP out time
  • You lose EXP on death


  • You gain this alignment when you KILL a Lawful player
  • Players have a RED name and CHAOTIC above their head
    • The player's relationship to you (Alliance, ally, truce, neutral or enemy) will be shown as their Alliance color
  • If you die to a mob or a player you have a 30-minute death-timer to the specific adventure you died in, which raises 10 minutes for every kill you get up to a limit of 1 hour
    • This is global across all instances of that Adventure tier
  • You will lose ALL of your inventory, equipped armor and weapons on death
    • Leashed pets will be kept but their leashes will be removed
    • Whitescrolls will retain your armor/weapons on death, but the whitescroll will be removed
  • 1-minute TP out time
  • You lose EXP on death

I'm Chaotic, but I want to be Lawful again!
Whenever you re-enter the Adventures, your Alignment will be reset back to Lawful. However, if you are in the Adventure then you are able to wait it out to gain your Neutral/Lawful status back!​

  • As Chaotic, there is a 10-minute per kill (up to 1hour) time til you revert to Neutral
  • As Neutral, there is a 5-minute timer to revert to Lawful
So- If you are Chaotic and killed 4 players you will have a 40-minute timer until you revert to Neutral, and then a 5-minute timer until you revert to Lawful. So 45 minutes in total!​
There are some exceptions to the rules

  • If you are Lawful, you are able to hit and kill Chaotic players without any penalty or changing of Alignment
  • If you are Neutral, you are able to hit and kill Neutral and Chaotic Players without any changing of your Alignment
But I'm Lawful and I don't want to die to other players?!
While you are able to die to Chaotic players, you do not lose any of your inventory to them. You retain it all. So if you have looted some awesome chests, they'll have just wasted their time killing you and gained nothing from it except extending their Alignment change time, and their Death Timer if they happen to die.​
Elite Battle Royale

This Battleroyale is for the most Elite among us requiring you to be in the /br top 250 to participate.

Occurring once every 8 hours, this Battle Royale has some insane prizes to offer. The top 3 players in the Elite Battle Royale will receive prizes
  • 1st Place Lootbag which contains 5 items
  • 2nd Place Lootbag which contains 3 items
  • 3rd Place Lootbag which contains 1 item
Starter Kit
Unlike the regular Battleroyale, you will receive a Kit when you spawn into the Elite Royale. This kit contains:
  • 1x Iron Chestplate
  • 1x Iron Leggings
  • 1x Stone Sword
  • 3x Enderpearl
  • 5x Bread
  • 3x Splash Health Potions

Black Market Auction House
There are many items that are scarce in the CosmicSky world- but the Black Market Auction House is here to solve that!

Every 30 minutes, there will be a new item added to the Black Market Auction House
  • A notification will pop up in chat when this occurs

  • Type /bah to access the GUI to see what is available for purchase
    • On hover over of the items that are for sale, information is provided for how much it is currently bid on, how much the bid increment is and who is the highest bidder
    • Each /bah lasts for 5 minutes
    • If someone attempts to "snipe" the bid in the last few seconds, the auction will be extended for a further 10 seconds

How to bid
  • Click on the item that you would like to bid on
  • A confirmation GUI will appear to make sure you're happy with the current bid price
    • If someone bids the same price just before you, you will be notified and be advised that you would need to bid a higher price
  • You cannot set your own bid price, however, the bid increment is set dependant on the current bid cost
    • The initial bid is $10,000
    • The current bid price of the item dictates how much the next bid increment is
  • If the current bid is under $100k, the bids are $10k
  • If the current bid is under $1m, the bids are $50k
  • If the current bid is under $10m, the bids are $500k
  • If the current bid is under $20m, the bids are $1m
  • If the current bid is under $50m, the bids are $2m
  • If the current bid is under $100m, the bids are $5m
  • If the current bid is under $250m, the bids are $10m
  • If the current bid is under $500m, the bids are $25m
  • If the current bid is $500m or more, the bids are $100m
  • When you have won the item it will be announced to everyone!
    • You can claim your item by going into your /ah collection bin!

Limited Edition Realms
We have a couple of key holidays coming up in the coming months, and this is an ideal time to get our Realm on for them! Details will be released closer to the time. Note though, because these are holiday-themed realms, they won't be about forever... Just like their /realm shop as well!

/is top 1-5 Perks
Yes, you all have reputation points, but we thought it would be nice to celebrate the current /is top 1 - 5 while the map is in progress. The final details of these perks are still to be decided, but keep your eyes posted for future announcement posts here with more details in the coming weeks!

Just as a little teaser though, /is top 1 will receive ALL 5 PERKS! Similarly, /is top 2 will receive 4, and so on and so forth.

Who's going to be the island to control /is top 1 for those awesome perks?

/is farming Recipe Unlocks
We know that sometimes getting that recipe is a huge gate for you, especially those that are solo players. So, you now have two options to be able to unlock the next tier of crops

You can either
  • Unlock the farming recipe

  • Grow an extra amount of the previous tier of crop to unlock it automatically
Below you will find the number of the previous tier needed
  • 30,000 Potatoes will unlock the Carrot Recipe
  • 80,000 Carrots will unlock the Sugar Cane Recipe
  • 250,000 Sugar Cane will unlock Beetroot Recipe
  • 300,000 Beetroot will unlock Nether Wart Recipe
  • 750,000 Nether Warts will unlock Melon Recipe
  • 15,000,000 Melons will unlock Pumpkin Recipe
  • 30,000,000 Pumpkins will unlock Chorus Fruit Recipe

/koth Limits
We heard you at the beginning of last map - the loot from the KOTH lootbag gave a couple of Alliances that boost that meant they dominated! We're now going to be gating KOTH based on the /fund access to give a much more fair playing ground for you all.
  • You will only be able to enter KOTH in the appropriate armor/weapons that have been unlocked
    • i.e you cannot wear Iron into KOTH until the Warrior /skit has been unlocked
  • You will only be able to receive loot in the KOTH Lootbag of the appropriate tier that has been unlocked
    • i.e you will not receive Diamond armor/weapons in the KOTH Lootbag until the Champion /skit has been unlocked

/fund Additions
On top of the KOTH changes, there have been a few other areas that we have decided to lock behind /fund. Work together, as a team, to gain access to these awesome parts of CosmicSky!

Lucky Blocks
Additionally, following concern from the community, we have stopped the sale of Warrior and Champion Lucky blocks from our server store. These will be added back in due course, but for the start of the world they will not be available to purchase!
Mob Spawner Changes
Lucky Mob Changes

Lucky Mobs themselves have been changed so that they no longer drop spawner shards 100% of the time although the chance is still drastically increased from the regular mob drop rate.

Stacked Spawner Fixes
There has been a long-standing issue where, with the Lucky Mob /is upgrade, it was more efficient to keep your spawners UNSTACKED. If you had stacked your spawners, the number of Lucky Mobs was dramatically reduced.
  • This has now been fixed and you can now STACK YOUR SPAWNERS to get the same amount of Lucky Mobs as intended with the /is upgrade!
Miner Matt Nerf
Miner Matts were not being used as intended Map #3 so we have resolved this issue for Map #4.
  • Ores which have recently been placed and are on respawn time won't be affected by Miner Matt
  • Once you have used a Miner Matt on a Node, that Node won't be able to be affected by any other Miner Matt Pets until the respawn timer ends.
Additional QoL Changes
Here you'll find all the little bits and pieces we couldn't fit into the main post, but you will all enjoy regardless!
  • The lobbies and spawn have had a SPOOKY makeover!
  • Item Bundler Bots now will bundle Mob Drops and Custom Recipes!
    • You are now able to place these from /is level 12
  • Corrupt Chorus Fruit has been removed from the game
    • We're investigating how to reimplement this in a way which makes it a lot more worth for you guys
  • Added the ability to set a minimum /cf amount to display in chat, if you have it toggled on
    • SImply do /toggle and middle click the CF notification pane
    • Use the + / - buttons to adjust the value you want to see above
    • Click the paper in the middle to save this
  • Mitigated an issue where your /is spawner value would drop to 0, even though you had spawners placed
  • Mitigated an issue where you could place Nether Armor Transformers at any /is level
  • Mitigated a bug where Blacksmith Brandon would not repair fishing rods; He's been given a pay rise and will now happily do it!
  • Removed the EXP Exhaustion perk from the Iron /outpost perk, as it was no longer relevant
  • The PvP /skills menu has been reshuffled, and Shield Reflect has been moved to /skill #1, from #3!
  • A fishing rod has been added to /kit starter
  • Any /skills redeemed have NOT been reset this map - they will stay where you allocated them from last season due to the confusion it caused!
  • You are now able to search /ah by Player IGN!
    • SImply do /ah, and click on the item nametag in the bottom left-hand side
    • You'll then be prompted to enter an IGN into chat and press enter
    • The /ah GUI will then pop up with listings from that player!
    • You can also type /ah <IGN>!

Recent Patches
Just in case you have missed the recent patch notes here you go - give em' a read!


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