Patch Notes (v5.11): New /outpost Perks, Weapon Enchants, /is top Alliance Reservation

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Yes, reset has just been announced, but that doesn't mean that we haven't got some sneaky things for you to have a play with before the map resets! Oooh, there are so many new things coming, we're all finding it hard to keep it a secret- but next week will come sooner than we all imagine, don't worry!

New Outpost Perks
4 New Enchants
Mystery Boss Enchant Gems
/is top 1-3 Alliance Name Reservation
CosmicClient Launcher Update
QoL and Bug Fixes
New Outpost Perks
Outposts have needed a little bit of an update to make them more relevant with the new content that we've released since their addition. Three new exciting perks have been added to the outposts- one for each- giving even more reason to go capture them!

Stone Outpost
  • 1.25x Deadzone Mob Kills
    • This affects the number of mobs required for the Dead Chest
Iron Outpost
  • 1.2x LMS Rewards
    • This increases the amount of XP and money that you receive as LMS!
Diamond Outpost
  • 25% Realm point buff
    • Hop into any /realm to get those juicy points with an extra 25% extra!

4 New Weapon Enchants
We've spent a good amount of time focusing on Islands, and the mechanics around them- but we're aware that PvP needs a focus as well. For Map #6: Odyssey we will be giving PvP some love as an addition to the awesome content that is coming- thank you to the PvPers who have spent time with us Admins going through and giving us feedback!

These enchants are only the beginning- they are not the solution. More information will be released on PvP enchantments with our Odyssey post next week!

Double Strike

  • Tier: Legendary
    • Max Level: 3
  • Sword Enchant
    • Chance to strike your enemy twice.

  • Tier: Legendary
    • Max Level: 6
  • Sword Enchant
    • Multiply your outgoing damage by the amount of Injury stacks you are currently affected by.


  • Tier: Ultimate
    • Max Level: 5
  • Axe Enchant
    • Deal increased DMG to enemy players that are wielding an Axe!

Blood Transfusion

  • Tier: Ultimate
    • Max Level: 1
  • Axe Enchant
    • Reduce your own Injury Stacks when applying Injury to an enemy

Mystery Boss Enchant Gems
There have been many requests to make boss enchants more widely available, allowing all tiers of boss enchants to be obtained. The Bandit Assault /realm now has all three tiers available for purchase!

  • These Random Boss Enchant Gems are purchasable from the /realm shop
    • Random Stone Boss Enchant Gem -> 2000 Points
    • Random Iron Boss Enchant Gem -> 2500 Points
    • Random Diamond Boss Enchant Gem -> 3000 Points
  • On Right Click, you will receive a Random Boss enchant at the tier of the Random Gem

/is top 1-3 Alliance Name Reservation
You've grinded all season, and you've not only got /is top 10 - but you're one of the top 3! Sure, you get yourself some juicy reputation points, but how will you be properly remembered next map? Especially with all those fanboys you're gonna have gunning for your Alliance tag!

The Alliance Leader will have the current name of their Alliance reserved for them when reputation is calculated.
  • Reputation will be calculated at 11.45pm CST, Saturday 14th March
    • The current /is top at this time determines the placement of the reputation points
  • Ensure that the planned leader of the Alliance for next map is the current leader when reputation is calculated
  • Only the Alliance leader will be able to use the Alliance tag reserved for them

CosmicClient Launcher Update
For those that aren't familiar, the CosmicClient gets a weekly update as well! This week, when updating your CosmicClient you will notice that there is a fancy new update screen!

There were reports during the updating of the CosmicClient this week that some players were getting errors and not able to launch their CosmicClient. This has now been resolved.

If you were one of the affected players and you need to fix this issue, please follow one of the following steps
Both methods work just fine- however, if you require any further assistance feel free to jump into the Cosmic Discord (run /discord in-game to link your Minecraft account to your Discord account if you haven't already) and we will be more than happy to assist you!

QoL and Bug Fixes
  • The Mama Bear pet has been given a global cooldown of 2m
  • Mitigated an issue with permission blocks where players could break Ender Portal Frames when interact was allowed
  • Rage Stacks will no longer be broken by thorns!
    • Instead Spiked will break Rage stacks!


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Mar 14, 2020
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Thank you for taking my comment into consideration TopNotch_live! <3. I am looking into more ways to improve the server and bring back our community! 😁
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