Patch Notes (v5.4b): Cosmic Sky Wars!

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We said that it was coming soon and here it is! Cosmic Sky Wars!

To win, you and your team need to be the last man(s) standing!

These matches will run every 30 minutes- a notification in chat will pop up when it's ready to join, just like with Battle Royale
  • Simply run /minigames, or /br to open the menu and click the grass block to join when it is open
  • When you enter the game you will be teleported into a starting lobby
    • Once 60 seconds have elapsed, you will be teleported to your island
    • On your island, you will have a 10-second countdown until the match starts

  • Matches can either be teams of 2 or 4
    • There will a maximum of 16 teams - so this is a maximum of either 32 or 64 players
      • The minimum number of players needed to start is 8 for teams of 2
      • The minimum number of players needed to start is 16 for teams of 4
    • Teams are completely random, and the number of players per team is also random
  • Enemies will be obfuscated, but your teammate(s) will not
    • You WILL be able to see your teammate(s) name in green and their actual skin
    • All others will have a Player#XX number above their head, and the Cosmonaut skin

Sky Wars Chest Loot

  • There are 3 chests on your island when you start, and there will be a selection of loot inside these to start you off
    • The armor and weapons are DIAMOND
      • There is a chance for a shield
    • You will also receive
      • Blocks to build with: Stone or Wood
      • A chance for a pickaxe
      • Potions
      • Food
      • Eggs and Snowballs
      • A chance for lava and water buckets

  • There are 10 chests in the middle island too
    • These have a chance of better loot
      • There are chests around the middle island, and inside the building in the middle
    • There is a chance for:
      • Gapples
      • Ender pearls
      • Armor and weapons with greater stats
      • Pets

  • Chests Refill!
    • The chests respawn with loot every 3 minutes, with a maximum of 4 refills
      • Each refill gives the chance of better loot than the last
    • There is a hologram above which shows when the chest will refill next
      • Once all refills have been completed, the hologram will disappear
World Border
  • Once the 4th refill has been completed the world border will start to move in to around the edge of the middle island
    • 5 minutes after this, the world border will move in once again and make its final close
    • Each world border movement will take 30 seconds
The last team alive will be the winners!
Winning Loot!
  • You will receive loot for being the First and Second place team
    • First place will receive 1x Slot Bot Ticket and a Rank Kit
    • Second place will receive 2x Slot Bot Shards and a Rank Kit
      • All players from each team will receive the loot if they win, regardless if they are alive at the end of the game or not
    • To collect your loot just do /minigames and click on the Pending Lootbags
      • You may need to change servers for lootbags to update (just go to your island, for example)



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Jan 3, 2020
Minecraft IGN
do you have to spectate to get your loot if you win in a team but your dead or can you just leave and still get the loot?
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