Patch Notes (v5.5): Filter Profiles, Combat Text, /skywars top + 35% OFF Sale!

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Unbelievably, the whole of January has shot by in a blur- we're almost at the 1-year mark for CosmicSky! If we've been this busy in the first month, cramming in all these updates, I can't wait to see what the next 11 months bring us! And now, onto this week!

Item Filter Profiles
CosmicClient Combat Text + Player Glow
/skywars top
Battlemaster and Skylord Title
Slot Bot Changes
Chaotic Combat Log Radius
LMS Auto-Combat Timer
QoL and Bug Fixes
35% OFF Sale

Item Filter Profiles
Filters are a great way to choose what you pick up and what you don't - but now you have even more choice by being able to create a filter profile for the different scenarios!

  • /filter edit will open up your Item Filter Profiles GUI
    • There are 18 different profiles that you are able to assign
  • Right-Click on each profile to edit what you would like to pickup
    • You are able to Shift+Left-Click the profile to give it a custom name
    • You are able to Shift+Right-Click the profile to edit the icon
  • To enable each filter simple Left-Click it in the /filter edit GUI or type /filter toggle <filterName> (e.g /filter toggle 1)
    • To disable Item Filtering, simply retype the command
Additionally, we've added some more items that you are able to filter!
  • Bonemeal
  • Obsidian
  • Obsidian Fragments
  • Leather Armor (Nether Armor)

CosmicClient Combat Text + Player Glow
We've added more items to the CosmicClient Combat Text so you can get a better visual representation of what is happening all across your island, as well as when certain enchants proc!

Press your Right Shift key to access the CosmicClient menu and click settings- you will find the Combat Text area where you can customize what you see and how you see it!

Player Glow
We've also implemented a player glow for players in Battle Royale and Skywars!

  • Your teammates will have a GREEN glow
NOTE: If the player is fully green you will need to turn off Fast Render in your Minecraft settings.

Locate your Minecraft Options -> Video Settings -> Performance -> Fast Render: OFF

/skywars top
It's always great to see which position you're in, so we've added /skywars top for all your bragging needs!

Simply type /skywars top ingame and you'll be able to see who's the greatest bridger of all time in Skywars!

Additionally, the Skywars map has had a couple of changes this week to prevent players tunneling into the main island and building so high, as well as other QoL changes to make gameplay more fun!
  • The main center island has a core of bedrock
  • There is now a build height limit of y=200
  • The border will now come in in 3 stages
    • Once after 4m 30, to the edge of the main center island
    • Again at 8m 30, to the edge of the center castle area
    • and finally, to close
  • Chests have been repositioned around the map to prevent such easy looting
  • The islands have been further separated for a more challenging build process, and the bridges from the middle islands to the main island have been removed
Skywars has also been added to /events GUI, as well as the Events HUD with the CosmicClient! Keep track when the next one is at a glance!

Battlemaster and Skylord Title
Those that are the best of the best need to get recognition, so we've added some awesome titles for those that are /br top #1 and /skywars top #1!
  • These will be removed once you lose that top position! You gotta literally fight to keep this title!
/br top #1 - Battlemaster
/skywars top #1 - Skylord

Lootbox: Nae Nae

Slot Bot Changes
Today we've removed
  • Random Silence Gem
  • Lootbox: Next Year
And we've added
  • Lootbox: Nae Nae

Chaotic Combat Log Radius
When you're Chaotic you need to be running faster- if you log out within 48 blocks of another player, you will spawn a combat logger, rather than the 16 blocks previously.

Lawful and Neutral will still only spawn a combat logger if they are 16 blocks or less from an enemy player.

LMS Auto-Combat Timer
We've heard your cries- FIX LOGGING AT LMS! And we've done just that.

As soon as you enter the LMS Cap region, you will be flagged for combat
  • You will continue to be flagged for combat while you are in the LMS Cap region
  • When you leave the LMS Cap region, your combat timer will start to countdown from 10 seconds

QoL and Bug Fixes
As you will have noticed during the week, a fix was pushed regarding a couple of critical PvP based elements
  • Mitigated an issue with Rage- Rage stacks were created and the damage would be multiplied if Rage was on both the main and offhand weapon
    • Rage also received a minor nerf overall
  • Mitigated an issue where Lava was not dealing the correct amount of damage to players in the Dead Zone, so this was increased
    • The amount of fire resistance that the Nether Gas mask countered was also adjusted accordingly
Additionally, we have also
  • Capped the Rank Kit rewards in Battle Royale and Skywars to Level 98
  • Mitigated an issue when purchasing books in the /enchanter for the Vanilla Enchant /challenge, it would only count for 1
  • Mitigated an issue where the Linked Location on Teleport Pads would show the co-ords of the block you were at, not the linked one
  • Mitigated an issue where guardians were able to proc when a current set of guardians were already spawned
  • Added Diamond, Baked Potato, Bread, Trout, Clownfish and Pufferfish to the Auto Bundle Bot
  • The Auto Bundle Bot also received a CosmicClient update of its own, with the items inside showing what you have bundled!

35% OFF Sale
To cure the last of those January blues, we've got an amazing 35% OFF Sale across the whole of the server store for the weekend only! Enjoy!
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